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soulful sunday-11 year old girl singing beyonce`s – listen – ***messymandella***

Messymandella tots

        Wehave-auxiliary-verbs  an obligation to inform our little women that they are more than sexual pieces of meat. The problem that I have with the Kardashian Klan is that they are making money an that is a good thing. Oprah made money and so did Bill Gates and they kept their body’s covered, and received in check. What we have done to our generation of women was proven in theory and will soon be a law. Most girls that are naked on social media have more of a chance of getting attention.


         They sadly don’t understand that all attention is not good attention. As a woman who was molested, I know we have sick people in this world. We have people who will manipulate lies to control every part of your life. Naked is not expression if you have more to offer in this life.


We can’t be around 24/7 but their are so many little girls that end up living in and out of hotel rooms, with different men just to wear that designer shoe. We are so lost in our sense of self.

          Everything is up for sale, except a child. Children want to demonstrate their talent and why they should be heard. Do you really want these beautiful little girls to assume that your voice is silenced and that is okay if your naked?


        We have destroyed our own sense of self. No souls, no regrets, just selfishness and what sales in this industry is the reason we have so many separated families and lack of unity, because some people are using everyone to supplement them with those items that will not bring you closer to anything but destruction.

I will be vocal and speak my mind, because as long as we convince the world we don’t have a voice, then we will stay naked little brainless women that are ruining the future of little girls.All nudes are not trashy, but in some cases it is about greed and ego.


What are we teaching these girls?

Why are we so consumed by the superficial and lack of substance?

This little girl is using her talent, and that in itself something that the SOME reality stars seem to be missing.

Listen, this little girl has more talent in her pinky than most “models”  on Instigram.

She should keep her voice, no matter who tells her getting naked will increase her chance at success. The world is full of vultures and it is our job to protect them, so what happened to me will not  happen to them. Talent and  substance will outweigh anything in this world in the long run, well that is at least what I tell little girls.

They deserve respect and protection.


kandace springs ***messymandella***

ellis martin invites us into his pornotopia***messymandella***

           Chicago native, Ellis Martin summons the world into his universe of time-honored soul and finesse.  Ellis stands out in the  realm of fashion, music and ingenuity, due to his playful style of music  and his panache.
           Ellis Martin, has worked with Jidenna, the “Classic Man” and his introductory  EP has production  credits from others,  but Ellis stands out among the crowd, do to his homage to the old soul. Ellis’s voice is a tribute but unique fervent sound representing the era of Frank Sinatra, but with his soulful voice.
             Ellis stands on the edge of fashion, class, and that vintage sound that will open the ears of eclectic music lovers that are infatuated with blending different genres and are craving a golden retro vibe reminiscent of  the 60’s but mixed with electro-pop
               Listen to  Ellis Martin’s Pornotopia, which is his introduction into mainstream music.
Watch Ellis Martin become your favorite, and don’t say I didn’t foreshadow his destined trip to the top, don’t forget where you heard of him, because he has been creating music, for years but this time and it is different, this time, with this EP due to the need for innovation. This EP will give him the word of mouth for soul and  indie music fans, everywhere.
          Don’t take my word for it, listen and watch strength, intelligence, and a musical range, that you will recognize for years to come, if you missed the old school sound, you now can be blessed with Ellis Martin,and will be thanking me, that you entered his  Pornotopia!




lana del rey- music to watch boys to***messymandella***

are police brutality and “standing your ground” really colorblind? ask “prospect”

Michael  Brown
RAW VIDEO HD –– RIP Witness Ferguson Shooting Mike Brown Killed Dead 18 year old UNARMED teen shot 10 times Body Kill 17 Dies Death Died by a cop in St. Louis.. Ferguson Police have dogs and shotguns. The unarmed crowd is raising their hands. Missouri crowd after shooting: ‘Kill the police’ Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Black Teenager Michael Brown Tensions are high in Ferguson, Missouri and a large police presence is on hand after a teenager was shot to death by a police officer.

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman retweets photo of Trayvon Martin’s body
The Grio · 6 hours ago

A fan of George Zimmerman tweeted out an image of Trayvon Martin’s body, and Zimmerman retweeted it …


Antonio Martin
(CNN) — On February 26 in Sanford, Florida, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while walking home from a convenience store.

The incident has sparked nationwide conversations, debates and rallies about whether race played a role in Martin’s death. Trayvon Martin is black, and his admitted shooter, neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, is a Hispanic. Also under fire is Florida’s so-called “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows people to use force in self-defense.

Antonio Martin getting murdered by a police officer in Berkeley, Missouri after he allegedly pulled a gun on the cop and aimed it at police. Some doubters claim the gun was planted after the fact others consider it assisted suicide…

John Crawford

The police did a “routine” stop and as of 24  hours they were looking to  investigate gang affiliation. That has  nothing to do with an Innocent man, being killed in the first place. He was “mentally ill” and he was being bullied…

We could accomplish so much if we come together and end jealousy, deception, and misguided ignorance.

Each race must all stick together, but the color of the hand doesn’t matter when that casket is purchased, we must remember that fact. Religion and one sided thinking have poisoned all races and created a divide in our system. No one should be murdering anyone, “don’t shoot!” We loose ourselves in lyrics due to oversaturing of redundant themes in hip hop and we silence rappers who have a message for the people to improve the potential of successes in our communities.

Conscious rap will never be embraced in mainstream media, unless we show love to indie artist. The Prospect has that vision, but as he explained in an interview, at times he would not reveal he was a rapper.    

He understood his message, and it was not on the agenda of most of his peers. This artist message will be ignored, if he waits for radio to pick up the songs in his catalog. We inform the world that a visionary is in the rap game for authentic reasons, and not following trends or imitating others to earn a income.

           Spread the message about true hip hop because politically involved artist deserve your ear. The world we live in will hopefully focus on love one day.  I pray that our children will live in a world that doesn’t preach ignorance, and will one day be “Colorblind!”
(Colorblind) Download Song: https://www.soundcloud.com/yaladyspro…
Instagram & Twitter: Yaladysprospect

Prospect Raps About & Voices His feelings on America, Black Community, and Black Empowerment.

Believes that Gun Violence Needs to Stop. Police Brutality should be rectified, and more Love should be distributed rather than Hatred.

Inspired by 2014 Injustice of Crimes, Police Brutality, and Every day Murders and Overall Injustice.

R.I.P Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner && Many Other Fallen Soldiers of The Black Community.



someone help bring closure for william “fernando” barnes aka dJ nando!***messymandella***

Rapper DJ Nando, a popular Strip Club DJ, was shot execution style outside of his dwelling. Some coward pulled the trigger from behind, and released the bullet into the back of his head, without any afterthought.We have lost faith in humanity and in each other and respect for our people. Whomever ended William Fernando Barnes life doesn’t know they are committing the exact vicious hatred as the Klu,Klux Klan. One less minority man breathing, or one that will end behind bars for one action that could have been avoided with self-control and communication.
        DJ Nando only spent 38 Years on this earth. That is a tragedy, but he lived longer that Lil Snupe, Lil JoJo, and Lil Phat also potentially celebrities cut down before their career catapulted into mainstream!
  Once again, Any coward that shoots you in the back of the head is not man enough to even confront you and has no regard for human life. While DJ Nando was leaving his show at approximately 3:00 A.M his life was stolen without any regard. No fight or argument took place, just him walking and a bullet to the back of his head.
        Now when women go to bed at night they don’t worry if a man is cheating, they are frightened when they don’t receive  that text or tweet just to make sure that he is still breathing. Real Talk!
     We have created our own jungle and the worms have no loyalty or ability to understand why these incidents should not happen.
         According to all accounts, DJ Nando appeared to have the qualities of a positive person that enjoyed his work as a DJ, since he has been a part of the DJ scene for at least 12 years. Rapper DJ Nando already solidified his place in the DJ world, but that wasn’t enough! He wanted other DJ’s to receive national recognition in the Art and gain prominence in  his community!
         This initiative and determination birthed the movement of him and his peers as a DJ collective the “Coalition DJ’s.” If a man reached his pentacle of success but would still mentor other DJ’s that in itself gives the impression of a humble, free-hearted soul.
      This blood bath and Roster of men in the Urban scene is increasing at a steady rate. The families of the departed are  left wondering, “What could have been?” This killing is a harmful deterioration for our community. These are   the incidents that  FOX News feeds into and biasly enjoy reporting.  Our accomplishments are overshadowed by Animal-like instincts of a few with no sense of respect.
          I can’t type fast enough to send my condolences for all of our street soldiers, that are fighting a make belief self-propelled war. This war is  just reverse racism with the ending plan of the extinction of the minority man. Women are having to get their children dressed to see daddy through the glass window, or before the casket door closes.

I did not ever meet this DJ, and sadly never will…
      I love our men and if no one else cares enough in the media to demonstrate their importance. I will remember and announce their accolades and  contributions in life!
I pray for his family and friends.
Everyone has a story, and  I  believe he was more than just a random shooting story in the news.
Someone is in agony and distress right now over the end of DJ NAndo’s life and I am hugging them in spirit!
 I pray for justice and vindication in this  life for the victim. It is only January 14th, 2014 and Doe B, Mazarati Fox, and DJ Nando are no longer alive.
Sorry for the lost to anyone that knew William, but the News Outlets will give an emotionless account of the events of that night. To some in the news world he was just another minority shot and murdered.
He deserves better than that, and his life meant something to someone.
Life is so precious, and fleeting especially for a coward that can’t even look a man in his eyes before he ends his unfinished life.
Praying for an ending to this foolishness!
Love Through Tears
***messymandella***was your family member, wouldn’t you demand justice? In our community, once the news story has died, so is the interest and the prioritiy is lessened by the month, and we cry and mourn but after out bereavement, we find another issue to invest in a a new cause to focus on and solve,and we forget.
           We also  get invested in another  topic to bring awareness to  and also utilize for out own self-advancement .
           The news doesn’t allot valuable time on Cold Cases. Someone in our county  has insight on his untimely demise. 
          He is six feet deep, and someone  decided to steal his life. 
     He can’t fight for himself. We must let them know you can’t just murder your brothers and sisters and not expect karma and physical justice. Don’t give up on your loved ones because the  bias media forgot about them, just pretend it was your cousin and he was shot in his head, by a coward after returning home. You would want justice!
           Justice would not only be required, it would be only stipulation let’s make it mandatory, so the coward can receive their own justice and punishment.



we must end shame in molestation victims, such as myself…***messymandella***

           I am doing well, now. Things have been crazy this year. I know I am supposed to keep growing but I have kept a secret. Telling you this now, its hard trying to be strong. Sometimes it feels like the people who you show love to have other plans behind your back,or it may be my mistrust due to hell I experienced? I dont care who judges mr,because it is not a child’s fault.The life I lived has changed me forever but I believe in loyalty and respect.
I have told people who I knew that I had something terrible happen in my child hood.

       I was molested when I was 5 years old. I was told by my older cousin that if I said anything he would kill my family and it would be my fault. He put my uncles hunting rifle to my head.
           I still have nightmares about the hurt, and the loneliness. So its so hard for me to trust people at times. I have lived a life of pain, and betrayal.
         When I trust someone and they lie, or go behind my back it makes me feel like that 5-year-old girl in the bathroom, crying while covering her eyes as the tears stained my face. As a little girl I would ask myself, often maybe I have done something wrong, or is this what I am supposed to do?
Some people make you feel like you are nothing. They just lie, and show no regard for a child’s life.

               I am hurt, that my cousin died, and I never got to ask him “Why?” I have always felt that if you are a an older cousin you protect a five-year old. I was a baby.
Why is messymandella telling you this story? Everyone should know your story, and how you survived. I pray that this story will open the eyes of most that assume family won’t molest children. Sadly, most of the people I know who suffered from child abuse admit that their abuser was indeed family or a trusted family friend. It took time for me to realize that being molested wasn’t my fault.
              It was devastating to me but I had to keep going. If you have a friend that has changed for the worst, be truthful. NO ONE SHOULD TREAT YOU LIKE YOU ARE NOTHING. When someone hurts me I turn into that crying little girl for a second. Then I remember the woman I have become. I will never respect people who molest children. I am naturally petite as an adult. Can you imagine me at 5, begging for a 6 foot, 300 pound person to stop overpowering me? I was terrified, and I later found out I wasn’t the only one.

           My other female cousin was abused as well. She had to have surgery because he messed her up terrible. She can’t have children because of the abuse. instead of my uncle, letting his son rot in prison, he decided to put a lien on the house to pay for his sorry son’s attorney, and bribe my cousin to drop the charges, and say she was lying. Now that house is out of our family because he never could pay to get the lien from house, and went into debt. Lives have been ruined. You should never blame yourself, when people hurt you. As the terrific things start to happen, you will find that will give you inner strength to help others.
                I told my dad when I was a teenager about the abuse. He had this look in his eye that I will never forget, and he looked at me and said, “Thank you for not telling me then, because if you did I would be in prison now for manslaughter.” It is so damaging when I hear children and women being abused mentally, physically, or manipulated with no regard. Your life is special and I have nightmares, but it makes me fight harder for our babies. No one should steal your innocence, or use you for there sexual gratification, just because they can do it. If telling the world about my molestation saves one child from my horror, it is worth it.

Information from childmolestationvictims.com


Signs of molestation in adolescents 9+:

  • depression
  • nightmares, trouble sleeping
  • doing poorly in school
  • promiscuous activity
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • signs of aggression
  • running away from home
  • fear of recurring attack
  • changes in appetite

Signs of molestation at 0-3 years of age:

  • fear
  • excessive crying
  • feeding and bowel problems
  • sleeping problems
  • failure to thrive


Signs of molestation at 2-9 years of age:

  • fear of certain things: people, places, activities
  • behavioral regression: bed wetting, stranger anxiety
  • trouble eating or changes in appetite
  • nightmares, trouble sleeping
  • withdrawal from loved ones
  • Signs of molestation in adolescents 9+:

    • depression
    • nightmares, trouble sleeping
    • doing poorly in school
    • promiscuous activity
    • drug and alcohol abuse
    • signs of aggression
    • running away from home
    • fear of recurring attack
    • changes in appetite


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