WE Were Once Kings And Queens***messymandella*** Keys + Krates







Rihanna, Icon, Singer, And Hair Weave Killer Will Receive The MTV Vanguard Award!***messymandella***nsfw

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Remembering Robin Williams***messymandella***

Jennifer Lopez Exposes The Double Standard In Our Society!***messymandella***

The women of our are world required to be quiet and just accept the double standard?


When everyone else has to bite their tounge, should you stifle your creativity?


We should all respect ourselves and live with standards but not to the point we lose ourselves to appease the masses. We will laugh at this video because we realize that she doesn’t want to have a threesome and sleep with everyone on the damn boat. Jennifer Lopez is proving that no man would take seriously a woman like this unless she called him “daddy!” It is hilarious and just proves that women know the difference between image and reality.  Feminist will always love their man or woman, but will call “bullshit” when they feel the need to, at least I do!

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July 4 th —-The Adventures Of Rick Ross***messymandella***

Rick Ross realizes he just dropped his Pork Chop Sammich!

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Rick Ross, when he Realizes that Long John Silvers now has new crab meat and pig feet!


july 4- classic della: Passenger Gets His Ass Tied Up!***messymandella***



Well, well, well!  I guess people don’t play anymore up in these friendly skies. This fool decided to Ike Turner a female passenger. The chick whipped his ass sideways. Then dummy decided that he was going to incite more hysteria in his drunken stupor! He starts yelling, “This plane is going to crash!” Next the dummy decided to run up and down the halls screaming. Everyone united and whipped him, and taped him up. Yes he of course  pissed himself, and made it hot and funky. The passengers taped him up in green tape and waited to land. That is why you have to be ready for any muckery  in the friendly skies! You never know who is holding the duct tape!



Lil wayne’s ex partner Birdman, gets emotional and demands “respeck” ***messymandella***