Jhene Aiko Live-VIBE***messymandella***

You can never deny love gets us through those tough times.
Can love also keep you from seeing a better future of yourself?
Don’t ever feel you are obligated to stay in any situation?
You can owe someone money, clothes, and a favor.
You can’t owe them your heart.



Lil Kim and Tiffany Fox “Jay-Z”***messymandella***

Dear Lord Why?Lil Kim and Tiffany Fox come out to show off their unique style of fashion, and ability to wear make-up that stays on even in Hurricane Sandy.

I have to admit, the hook is optimistic, for women making their own moves!

Tiffany Foxx and Kim’s Video even gets a cameo from ” Mob Wive’s” Carla.

 Tiffany Foxx mentions Jay-Z to create a buzz.

It works, because I wasn’t planning on using my I tunes Gift Card on the song.

Lil Kim is a  Female Icon, and a plastic surgeons‘ thesis topic!

Tiffany Foxx has that confidence to create her own seat in the Hip-Hop Arena.

Just please don’t diss Nikki Minaj!

That just doesn’t seem to help many careers…



Gossip’s “Move In The Right Direction”***messymandella***

English: Beth Ditto with Gossip at the Mezzani...

English: Beth Ditto with Gossip at the Mezzanine (San Francisco, California) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beth Ditto has a cult following that will never be shaken.

That sista has confidence for days, and her revealing clothing is just as controversial has her lifestyle.

She does not have any single digit close in her closet,  and she doesn’t care what society thinks is beautiful.

Beth Ditto, believes and admires her own beauty.

If you wear a two piece bikini, so can Beth Ditto.

I will not have anyone making fun of this woman’s confidence, mug shots, or her blatant disrespect for sweating.

Of  course we remember when Beth Ditto kicked a man in the balls a while ago.

Beth was asked to leave the bar, but decided she wanted to ride it out.

Beth rode all the way to the Portland Jail House,  were she could get her plus size thoughts together.

Everyone needs to meditate,  even if it is behind bars before they post bail.







I Look To You-Kim Burrell +Whitney Houston***messymandella***

Whitney Houston   -   Concert in Central Park ...

Whitney Houston – Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 (Photo credit: asterix611)

Who do you look to for guidance?

When you are in your darkest moments ,and no one will listen who do you turn to at those life changing moments?

What motivates you after someone breaks your heart?

Do you think you are doing it alone?

No matter what you believe and feel about your faith;  have faith to know you are not doing it alone.

You will have to go through Hell to Get To Heaven!

If you don’t believe that, look inside yourself and find your answers to your  happiness!

You deserve peace and happiness in this life.

 You deserve to look within your heart and mind  to choose your own moral compass to follow.

Sometimes, you will find that voice that you keep hidden under bills, heartache, and exhaustion.

Listen to your voice,  and move toward happiness.


Young Fam=Meet South Carolina’s Indie Elite***messymandella***

For those of you who may not have heard of Young Fam or their story here it is.
Young Fam is a duo rap group where the CEOs, members, and producers consist of Jason Berry aka J-$0 (age 23) and Chad Keeve aka Familur Max (age 23).
This group has spent many years putting together the best feel good music for their generation.
It has been a long journey for them to make music that stands out above the rest.
They take pride in the fact that they make radio friendly music with lyrics that are not derogatory, offensive or vulgar.


Juicy J-Jeezy-Kendrick Lamar-Big Sean(Show Out)***messymandella***

“Wait Until We Go Out, You Know I Gotta Show Out!”***messymandella***



Coachella 2013-James Blake-Full Show-***messymandella***


36th Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Sandra Bullock)***messymandella***

Westboro Baptist Cult Will Protest Krystle Campbell Funeral ***messymandella***

English: Members of the Westboro Baptist Churc...

English: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrate at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on March 2, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Krystle Campbell was of course one of the victims of The Boston Marathon Bombing.

Her family and the nation are already going through immense pain.

Now they have another undeserving tragedy.

Fred Phelps and his church of fools will protest this sacred moment. This is her last goodbye to the world and her friends.

Dreams of what could have been are now , are only “What If’s”

Westboro Baptist Church Members have ruined many political funerals and demonstrations for Equal Rights.

Here are some of their horrific bullying  tactics:

They laughed at 9-11 bombing, and said It was God’s will.

Westboro Baptist also used their protest for gay and transgender funeral protest. They protested  Eddie Gwen Araujo Funeral! 6ceb0c_5012d690ed95a2d9fdcefdbbe1115cd1

They also marched during the “Sandy Hook Tragedy” and stated that all of the victims were going to Hell.

Yes, they even meant those innocent babies, were cursed in their churches mission statement.

All of their hatred and bigotry is excused,by saying it’s  God‘s Will.

They laughed when Matthew Shephard was brutally murdered.  He will forever be a simple of injustice, and so will Sakia Gunn.

Fred Phelps also pickets funerals of dead soldiers.

He claims that bombings, murder, and hate crimes are part of life with God is a war.

Now the teamsters of Boston have released a statement that the will be a human shield against the Westboro Cult

I believe Cults destroy freedom,  morals, and self-expression.

Fred Phelps like other Cult Members have brainwashed and retrained Social development. in anyone that follows these officials.

Fred Phelps is no different from David Koresh!

Manipulation and control and female submission.

You have to know that love and humanity make this world function

Teamsters from Local 25 in Boston will protect the family of bombing victim.

Krystle Campbell funeral is tomorrow morning.

I want everyone to know that I take Gay Rights and Racism and Feminism as pat of my blue print for my life.

I know that gay boys and girls run away from home. and live on the streets.

They too afraid to tell someone their sexuality, who they are!

I also know that women took a stand against Rape, and Reebok heard or roar.

You have a responsibility to live this life, to teach others!

Fred Phelps will never change!

I am thankful that I have a conscious, and know that life is precious and fleeting.

How you live, effects everyone around.

 Stand Up and let the world know how you deserve to be treated.

 You should know your self-worth.

I had a teenager girl afraid to “come out”  tell me she was going to kill herself on Twitter, last Sunday.

I had no idea who she was but I told her to send me a direct  message and give me her phone number, and we talked!

She is still alive,  but wondered why would a stranger care?

I wanted her to know humanity , and her life is important.

I also wanted her to  the same thing when she had someone suicidal reveal their deadly intention.

 I show  love  for anyone.

Hate is taught at an early age. Westboro-Baptist-Church

 My heart would have shattered if that young lady would have decided to hurt herself.

My tears are coming to my eyes now…

What  if  she did committ suicide?

 What if by chance that Westboro Baptist would actually show up to her funeral?

New Video:Released Today(T.I.+B.O.B+Kendrick)***messymandella***