Chrissy teigen ***messymandella***

Jilly from philly will be in South Carolina In August! God is Good, All The Time***messymandella***

Katt is at it …again***messymandella***

Yelawolf and paul wall***messymandella***

don’t give up -t-pain – and maino (rendition) by grace lada!***messymandella***…


Really what do you see
When you looking at me?
See me come up from nothing,
To me living my dreams
I done been to the bottom,
I done suffered a lot,
I deserve to be rich,
Headed straight to the top
Look how I ride for the block,
Look how I rep for the hood,
I get nothing but love now
When I come through the hood
Getting this fortune and fame
Money make all of us change
The new benz is all white,
Call it John McCain
How the hell could you stop me?
Why in the world would you try?
I go hard forever,
That’s just how I’m designed,
That’s just how I was built
See the look in my eyes?
You take all of this from me,
And I’m still gon’ survive
You get truth from me,
But these rappers gon’ lie
I’m a part of these streets
Till the day that I die
I wave hi to the haters,
Mad that I finally done made it
Take a look and you can tell
That I’m destined for greatness…




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Obscure soul- monica***messymandella***



Jaheim + camron ***messymandella*** Lord you know…

Kotd- pat stay Vs hollow da don ***messymandella***

***messymandella*** where fashion and hip hop meet – kanye west + twista

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Salute To All The Big Bottom Broads aka (cornbread fed) ***messymandella***