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New Video: King Push And Pusha T (Mass Appeal Documentary) ***messymandella***

Feminist – Fashion Icon: Jada Pinkett-Smith***messymandella***


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Jimmy Kimmel VS Kanye West (The New Accent!) ***messymandella***

In my life I have witnessed many things.

I have seen natural disasters, Twerking Montana, a  black president, but I have never seen a black man from Chicago sound like Ringo Starr. Man, you don’t just purchase a voice.

You are from the South Side Of Chicago, and

Mess like this is just tomfoolery of the devil, and one other reason I will never reach those pearly gates.

What in the Chris Jenner Female  Pimp Hell, Did I just watch?


This is nothing but the working “Karadashian Coochie Curse.”

I am befuddled that he just said “If you have on a Zahra pants the and someone walks in with Celine pants….”

Watch for yourself and then peep the Jimmy Kimmel version…

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel,  You nailed it!


You Are Not Irreplaceable***messymandella***

Growing up around my family of male cousins, I learned  the truth about players.

I also now can detect  “Red Flags!”

I would laugh and say there is no way any woman would let someone treat them like that.

My cousins would be disrespectful, and downright rude and  embarrassed them on the phone,  to make a point.

Then they would turn around a week later, and still have those same girls, begging for them to come over.

I have to admit my family instilled a few principles in me. 

1. A man or woman repeatedly hurts you, its your fault.

2. Never “walk on eggshells”, only to hurt yourself in the end. 

3. He or she will respect you, if you respect yourself.

4. No matter what you do for someone, that “thank you”, “Sorry” means nothing if they keep lying or backstabbing you.

5. No woman or man should have to repeatedly argue over the same lover. If you are fighting over someone, they never belonged to you…



I know what I need and you should too.

You have to live life drama free. 

You have to send an example to little boys and girls, of how to live.

If you have been in an emotional or verbal abusive relationship, tell someone.

Your life can be restored, and you can be changed.

Don’t forget to tell someone that you love, they can have a new voice.

Find the meaning of a true friend, even if it is just you looking in the mirror.

That’s the new start!




Cougar Chronicles: Lala Anthony***messymandella***

Jessie Ware-If You Never Gonna Move***messymandella***

Listen to music that infuses Soul and  Hip Hop!

Listen to music that you are accustomed to hearing on your Pandora.

Critically acclaimed singer Jessie Ware, always uses a myriad of styles.

Jessie’s  unique approach  has garnered her national attention.

I Love This Sista!

“If you never gonna move, I’m coming to you!”

Don’t get Catfished….



KOTD: Charron VS DNA ***messymandella***


Black Onyx 2***messymandella***

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