That Long Ponytail Will Always Be A Classic! Check Out Left Eye, Salma Hayek, Beyonce And More..!***messymandella***




Beauty: Katy Perry + Ava Lily +Dita Von Teese ***messymandella***


 The Black hair and ruby-red lipstick inspired by Pin Up Girl and “Model”  Betty Page are inspiring and her spirit and unwillingness to conform brings forth controversy but also curiosity.

We may not agree with some of her video shoots and pictures of these ladies, but admit it  these women are  breathtaking and alluring,and of course,  fashion icon when it comes to inspiration that brings forth power,from the classic but powerful ruby lips.Beauty and confidence flourishes forever and every generation respectively imitates the Golden Era fashion Icons.

Each generation of women that pay homage to the timeless and  powerful  look or the crimson lip captivates the eyes because of the luminous skin, dark eyebrows and power and confidence, are the finishing touches. 

Here are six of my favorite shades of  lipsticks that will work with every complexion, and a few are inexpensive and will accentuate your natural flawless skin and your inner power and “Roar!”


Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On?” ***messymandella***

Marvin Gaye, talented and loving still could not keep his talent apart  for his inner demons.

 Most artist with vast degree of artistic ability and  inventiveness soon will become “recreational drug users.”

 However, they  ultimately become addicted  to some substance, or toxic that will deplete their talent and finances.

Some even admit, they have a drug weaknesses in their music.
Nothing wrong with that, but addiction is always closely begging you to “Ride With Death.”

The lure, money and class of women will change and cloud your judgement.  

Marvin Gaye, of course murdered by father, lost his ability to function because of recreational drugs.

Marvin finally crossed that line. 

Numerous addicts have told me,”Once you have crossed that line, you are gone forever.You will spend forever trying to get back to that first time high.”

Marvin’s talent and pleas for an end of violence are still appreciated and I this is just how I feel about the endless violence. 

Study the mathematics, and how we evolve 360 degrees.

History WILL ALWAYS repeat itself, but what can WE do differently?  

We have to end the violence, I am pleading now if not for us, at least for our babies.

Sadly, Marvin Gay felt the same way I feel right now. He felt that way over 30 years ago…

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Metric With The Beautiful Emily Haines***messymandella***

Emily Haines,  from the Canadian band Metric has always impressed the masses with her confidence, beauty and self-expression.

She is attractive, confident, and beyond talented.

Metric has a cult following, that has reached even me in South Carolina.

Yes, Metric is a functioning group, with other members besides Emily, but she garners the most attention.




Big L- Put It On ***messymandella***

“Put It On, Big L Put It On”
(May 30,1974-Feburary 15, 1999)

One of the hottest lyricist from Harlem.
A member of The “Children Of The Corn” with Mase and Cam’ron that never ever reached mainstream success.
Big L also released tracks with his “Diggin In The Crates” Crew, with Fat Joe.
Yes, I know he was shot in 1999.
Talent and Hip Hop doesn’t die!
Music lives on, and so will Big L.

Get Familiar With Toronto, Canada’s Native, Lisa Banton! ***messymandella***

Lost And Found EP cover art

      I receive musical submissions from various states and countries without exception, and that is more than I ever imagined in this lifetime. The submissions are from multiple genres and are from artist from every background which brings the uniqueness of musicians that are coming from a place of promise and authentic determination. They want to have their voices heard, and they will have that chance here, at
        New talents that are submitted keep me hopeful for the much needed return of retro soul music, as in the case of  Toronto Canada’s, Lisa Banton.

        Soul music lovers, have decided that 1990’s and 1980’s soul were the last nostalgic  moment of voice and skillful and fusion in well-written verses from the heart.
       We have an ultimate strategy to bring our culture back to the harmony that is missing in rhythm and blues from the legends of the past.
        We must abolish the studio singers and take the music industry into a much deserved, highly regarded place, as the 1990’s when you had to sang. Now countless acts lip-synch on stage and only concentrate on choreography.
      This world is full of thieves and phony contracts and treacherous motives and schemes to destroy your platform and lessen your chances for success. 
     Artist must protect talent and reputation and simultaneously  create, to follow their aspirations.
         Your gift can be a curse, in the hands of a deceptive person.We pray that she reaches every genre of music and captivate all audiences. This EP is her venture into a fan base in the United States. 
 Give courtesy to this sista, and experience  Lisa’s powerful voice, with elements of Jazz and neo soul!
      Lisa’s voice is majestic and this EP should be in your ITUNES library now! This is only the beginning of Lisa Banton’s  game changing and soulful artistry. Check out her music below.

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Let You Go 04:06
When You 04:15
She Will 04:02


ProbCause – Biting Down – Audiotree Live ***messymandella*** Chicago Style