Michael Jackson [1995] ***messymandella***

Embrace The Updo ***messymandella*** Up’Do’s 2


Serena Williams + E ***messymandella***


Jadakiss + Chayse ***messymandella*** Visionary

Your blessings are warranted, your humbleness is a continuing obligation.


Please stay humble, but determined.


Your vision will ultimately encourage others to follow their hearts. 


Never give up, nice people don’t finish last.  Some nice people just finish by keeping their soul’s intact. 


Don’t be mislead through false promises and phony human interactions. 


You are not losing, this is just the beginning of your legacy. 


Keep climbing, it’s your journey. 


Don’t give up on your dreams out of fear of failure. 


Keep pushing!


You are almost near the top… 


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