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What In The Clint Eastwood Hell Did I Just Watch?

Clint Eastwood Is 7 Different Kinds Of Crazy!

This Fool just sat up here and did a screenplay with a damn chair. I have no idea what Dirty Harry was smoking last night,it must have been good! Did I watch the beginning stages of Dementia? What In the hell is wrong is with this man?  Clint Eastwood stole the show from Mitt Romney!  I don’t have any idea why this man gave America this muckery? Was this an improvisation sponsored by AARP? Who’s bright idea was  this screen play?  I also would love to know if the first few questions were suppose to be audible?  I hope that Clint Eastwood realizes that it’s pretty odd to answer and ask questions….WITH A DAMN CHAIR! I hope Clint gets it together.  He might need a CAT Scan. This fool just asked  the chair, “What you want me to tell Romney?” I can’t….

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James Blake=Limit To Your Love

Limit To Your Love

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I’m Your Leader -Nicki Minaj(Rick Ross Shirtless_) Killer Cam

“I’m Your Leader”

I noticed she said she was “Young Yummy”.That is my most read story. Over 12,000 people have read that story. I don’t know who, but as long as the story gets read….Google “Robert Yummy Sandifer”messymandella comes up on Google 3rd  page out of 34,000 quick hits. Thank you guys for reading.Love You for supporting me. Without you reading it, I would not have known to keep thriving….Thank you….Senorita Messy

Back to being humble…

She Ain’t Right For You

Macy Gray