hip hop (new drake) and fashion meet at ***messymandella*** megan fox is a baddie, and single because she needs to call me…





slim jesus, baby don’t nobody believe you…***messymandella***

When I first viewed this  trashtastic critically acclaimed rapper in his salute to violence, I knew we were living in our last days.

I assumed Slim was a parody act, or just someone trying to get in the game, or the local Toys R Us.

 Slim actually assumed he could start a riot with toy guns, fake chains, and uneventful lyrics.

Never underestimate the thirst and imagination of studio gangsters.


Slim is damn disrespectful to call himself my Lord and Savior Jesus.


If it wasn’t for Jesus, I would be in prison right now…

Jesus controls my temper…


Jesus saved me from commissary, collect calls, orange jumpsuits and shower shoes.

       Yes, I am the CSI Thot Investigator and I take my job seriously.

Slim Flimsy, little boy, you are not my Jesus.


 WE Don’t believe you!

lil dicky- professional rapper***messymandella***


for my aunt***messymandella***

Happy B – Day – Michael Joseph Jackson ***messymandella*** You are Music, Love, And The King Of Pop

This is one of my favorite songs. Warning, Do Not Listen To This Song if you are heart-broken. It will only make it worse… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

soulful sunday:gladys knight and billy vera***messymandella***

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