Them Fools Ain’t Dying 4 You***Pusha-T-One Of The Best EVER***


Don’t Become
Be Better
Keep Breathing
Stay Out Of Prison
Don’t end up 6 Feet Deep

Real Stories
Savage Life
Coke Slangin’
Trap Life

They Ain’t Dying For You!

“This Cripp think he playing mind games call em professor x’ “I stopped fighting over colors back in kindergarten”-Math Hoffa


Make Your Bed, And Sleep Like A Baby***messymandella***

Have you wondered how life aspirations can disappear?
You get buried in the past and living through every transgression.
Are you depressed because someone you loved betrayed you?
Move towards your dreams!
Leave that pain behind you, start a new.

Stop attributing every failure to a weakness in yourself.
I want life to be peaceful, and I want to thrive.

I am confident you want the same thing.
I recently felt defeated!
I encountered someone I thought was a friend, undermine everything I would bring about.
Loving and needing acceptance is something that we strive for, but life will keep going even in dismay.

You are not robotic, and you have emotions.

You will always fall short in the eyes of an envious person.

Pick  yourself  up, dust that  dirt off your shoulder!

Get that knife out your back! 


Remember, you will continue to feel pain!

Make your bed, and sleep like a baby!

Tyler Perry and His Chitterling Circuit Plays+ Movies

Tyler Perry Loves Dresses

Tyler Perry is afraid that America is getting tired of people watching his Stereotypical plays and movies. Tyler Perry has nothing to worry about. America will keep loving and laughing at his buffoonery for many years to come.He will remain rich. No one will deny that! Maybe he will retire his movies in about 12 years? I doubt these “Shucking And Jiving ” Plays will ever loose their audience. Tyler is getting too big for his girdle.The jokes are repeated in each movie. I was a loyal fan, until I realized that all the jokes from the movies were taken from the plays.

Tyler himself knows this movie is pretty awful. He wrote a letter asking fans to go and see his movie. I don’t care that much about seeing his “Jesus Wants Me To Dress In Drag,to prove I am a Christian” minstrel Shows. Here is an excerpt from The Chitterling King Diaries:

“Just to let you know where this idea came from… I was sitting at dinner with a friend and I said to them, ‘the punishment for Bernie Madoff should have been that he had to move in with Madea.’ Isn’t the thought of that funny? Light bulbs went off in my head, so I wrote THE FUNNIEST Madea movie I’ve ever written. You’ll see! This movie is hilarious. It’s nonstop laughter. I sure hope you have plans to go out and take your family, friends, social and church groups to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. The first weekend is so important. That’s how you’re judged in Hollywood. And that is how you can help me fight, by showing up at the movie theater this weekend.

I sure hope you still have my back… I need your help to win this fight. I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter and’s message board reading your comments. “

Yeah, Tyler has made so many plays about the same people. Maybe Tyler should take a break. I do enjoy “Colored Girls” and Family That Preys” but I am tired of the same Tyler Perry tedious Afterschool Specials. All these plays and movies are just excuses for Tyler Perry to put on a dress.

If he comes out with “Madea Get’s A Bra, For Her Sleeping Tittys” I might cop the bootleg.

Alice Smith-That Voice!***messymandella***

How much do I love the musical reclusive Alice Smith?
Alice has only one known body of work.
Her voice can hit any octave you can imagine.
She has the “Nikka Costa Complex.”
What is that, you ask?
None of your damn business!
Just joking!
The “Nikka Costa Complex” hinders your potential.
No one can include you in their genre,so you don’t get included at all!
Your talent will never find it’s core listening group.
You become a legend among a few.

Your pockets may never see guap.

Those few fans, will always show love and respect for you.

The rest of the world will say, “Alice Smith, Alice Who?”
This is Alice covering Cee-Lo‘s (The Sexual Bowling Ball) track “Fool For You.”

We Saved Sara Kruzan, Now We Have To Get Santra Rucker Back Home!

One of the most popular stories, I have ever wrote.You all know that, who visit! I have written letter and even contacted pro-bono to get more insight. Now, here is here story, but good news! We will broadcast information on a radio interview, and WE HAVE LOCATED ONE OF SANTRA’S CLOSE FRIENDS! We faught for Sara, and it took patience but it happened. NOW! RIGHT NOW, WE WILL GET HER HOME!

After you read, go to the original link and reachout to others that are also part of the plan, to give her freedom.

Here is the 1 year old story!

  Santra Rucker was a cute around the way girl. She had the hottest labels and freshest hairstyles. She  did not have to worry about money,she dated a baller. Santra dated a drug dealer,Darryl Glen Riley.She herself, did not sell drugs. She however, was in love with a man who gave  her the best of everything. Riley,  was a well know street hustler.However, people did come to his house for business deals. She is in prison because of her love for a drug dealer.

Santra Rucker is in prison for 390 years because of her association with her boyfriend. The sentence was so extreme that Santra did not believe it herself. She has tried everything and nothing has worked.She is still in Club Fed.

Convicted and left to rot behind prison walls. Why would she face time? The truth is,you don’t have to sell drugs. Yes, If your man is a pusher and he cohabitates with you, you selling drugs to in the eyes of the law. The sad thing is that babies are also innocent victims in a drug raid. DSS will make you work like hell to get those babies, back. I know women in my neighborhood, that are going through this struggle today. The man has been in prison for years and DSS still does follow ups to check on their parenting skills.  A girl that works at DSS told me she had no sympathy for a woman who chooses a man over her kids. I told her, if she has been in that life, you wouldn’t see it that way. I told her that you can be in love with the money and become Ray Charles to the shit. Santra loved the money.Let’s be honest, drug dealers are treated like reverends, in communities by some.However, she was not a dealer, unfortunately that is not how it’s works.You know whats happening in that house.If the police come, during a drug bust,everyone goes down. Santra found this out the hard way.

People have protested and shown support. I know Alicia Keys and others have sent Santra Rucker letters. Alicia’s Grammy Award winning video for “Fallen” video was inspired by Santra Rucker’s case.

Serial Killers  don’t get 300 years for murder. Santra  was railroaded and forgotten. The government made her example. She fell in love, with the game. The game does not love you back. The hustle is real, but greed is the motivation.

If she could do it all over again, I am sure things would be different.I am sure she would have stayed away from this life. It’s gifts,and money and power. None of this lasts forever. Santra will never see freedom, and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The court gave her 12 Life Sentences. She has spoken to 150 politicians. This woman should be home.This is simply ridiculous. I believe if you do  the crime;Do the time! However, she fell in love with the wrong man. What would happen if everyone that dated a drug dealer was given 390 years in prison? Would you  be reading this now?

We have to get this woman out of prison…real talk. messymandella

November 13th, 2012

We have to get Santra Rucker out of prison.

It has to happen.

We could start a petition, or rant and rave, but we need action.

The system is hard to crack.

There are non-profit organizations that will help provide legal support for those in need.

I am going to send some letters to different organizations.

I am hoping that we can come together and release her from “The Belly Of The Beast.”

390 Years is mental and physical Slavery.

  This woman is on my mind every day…



Should You Forgive A Liar?***messymandella***

Should You Forgive A Lying Bastard? HELL NAW

The worst thing is betrayal of any kind. messymandella is like the Mafia.

I am Sammy The Bull ….without the snitching.

I have learned in life that people who will lie or deceive you are cowards.

These are the people who will hug you and put  a box cutter to your back.

I know sometimes when someone tells  lies, it hurts!

 It is  easy to call someone to beat the breaks off of them, but that would make you a Bastard!

There is  a part of you would love for them to get pimp slapped, by a Pimp named Slick Back!

A part of me would love to eat Jiffy Pop Popcorn, while they eat dirt.

 That’s not right!

So, when you get right down to it, the lies are a cover up for their insecurity.

Just saying,  remember when people that are closer to the liar,  take up for you…you won!

A Lying Bastard gets their revenge through Karma.

Be glad that his people  can come into your life  an open your eyes.

You know they will laugh(because they are so cool, so sad) like they don’t care

They wouldn’t make up lies, or bring your name up if they didn’t!

You did it to yourself.

What goes around,comes around.

I will be watching, in stadium seats….

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Prison Is Your Plantation***messymandella***

There are too many similarities to Prison and Slavery.

1. You are told when and where to sleep.

2.You eat when you are told.

3.You can’t have visitors until you have permission.

4.You can only go outside when you have permission, unless you are outside to work.

5. You have shelter,and food.You however, don’t have freedom to choose how your prison wages are spent.

7.The more knowledge,the more freedom! Prisons are limiting education to inmates, for this reason.

8. You can not leave a confined area until you are let out of your cage.

9. You are programmed to adjust to the system,as slaves did.

10. Families can’t touch or talk to you without permission from your overseer.

Families are stressed out trying to help inmates have a better life.You can’t make people want more in life.They have to want it for themselves.Now prisons seem to just keep swapping out different men from the black communities.

People fought and were beaten to give us freedom.When slaves would run away for a better life,they stayed far away from the plantation.So why aren’t the men getting released from prison doing the same thing?

Slaves never went back and forth through plantation doors. Once they left they were gone,for good.So AGAIN,why can’t our men do the same thing?We need strong fathers,for daughters.We can’t grow as a community, if we have to send more commissary than love.

You have to run from prison and never go back. You can’t go to the same places with the same people. You make it easier to go right back to your Prison Plantation.You have to fight to stay safe and free.If you don’t have freedom,you’re not really a man at all.