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A Milli              

Canada’s{ Anjulie

Anjulie Headphones


Don’t think I don’t appreciate you guys reading in Canada.

Can’t see who you are, but I can see the country you are located.

 I love yall.

Thank you.

That is why I show music all over the world.

I am going to show other countries, that support me.

your girl,


Janyanti(The Netherlands

Hey Ya’ll

Believe it not, people all over the world read messymandella.

I can’t see who you are. I can see what country you  reside.

So I want to make sure I show music from each country. I love you for reading. This is for my readers in the Netherlands, Canada,Germany, France, Chez Republic,and other countries. Thank You. I feel like if others can enjoy musicians from the USA, we should embrace their cultures too! Listen! Floetry”Say Yes” is still a classic Neo-Soul Ballad. I love her version. Thank you! 


Boot Camp Clik

Boot Camp Clik= One of My Favorite Groups Of All Time

“Boot Camp Clik” has kept me entertained for a decade.

They are some of the best freestyle rappers.

They stay underground, by choice. “Duck Down” has been a favorite of many heads.

 You  of course have “Sean Price”, “Buckshot”, and “Heltah Skeltah” that have all claimed their niche in  Hip Hop.

These men have been in the game before 93′ and they still releasing music, on their own terms.

How can you not, give them their props?

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Quakers=Fitta Happier

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Wu-Tang =Glaciers Of Ice

Wu-Tang-Glaciers Of Ice

Miki Howard=Come Share My Love

Come Share My Love 

 Miki Howard a talented singer, overlooked by many. I love her signature song,”Love Under New Management.” She had her story of drug abuse and money woes on TV one’s “Unsung.” She should keep making music. Sadly, talent is second to marketing potential.

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