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I am blessed to have you people in my life. I am in awe at  you guys for being true and enlightened beings. We can prove to the world that if you don’t stand for something , you will fall for everything. Always open your universe to everything that you deem possible. Everyone deserves to know when they close their eyes that someone loves and needs them.

I need you!

We will get Santra Rucker’s story out to the world.

We have our own community of brethren who love LGBT Rights,  Art,  Fashion, Human Rights, Beauty, Equality, Battle Rap, my rantings, and Feminist Theory available at ***messymandella*** Love you!

I am so glad that you guys want to help strangers without any financial regard, because of our morality and spiritual wealth.

Thank you!








A Few Reasons We Should Free Max B!***messymandella***

Here is The first story get familiar with Injustice: https://messymandella.com/2013/10/10/should-we-free-max-b/

Max B (Charly Wingate) won’t regain freedom, unless justice served and new evidence released to provide proof to the Supreme Court that his Conspiracy charges were fabricated.

Charly Wingate is serving a 75 Year Bid for dealing with Gina Conway and Kevin Leerdham.

The charges that have given him a lifetime of confinement are bias and bogus charges without any substance, and no clear scenario on the events that took place the day of the Robbery and murder.

Max B DID NOT enter the Holiday Inn hotel at 2339 Route 4 East, Fort Lee New Jersey, but his associates did for $30,000.

Max B would not risk his lively hood for a shitty amateurish robbery that occurred and THEN shoot someone in the head? No, he wouldn’t because he knows the game, that is a messy detrimental plan that obviously wasn’t planned because how sloppy it was anyway!

He had beef with Dip-Set and never once pulled out a gun and risked his freedom for that and that beef was business related and also on a personal level. Why would he lose his freedom for two strangers?

When Allan Plowden reported a shooting in the hotel he never said, “I think Max B did it!”

He never met Max B, or had any idea of his existence.

When someone is set up, they are NEVER set up by a complete stranger.

If he never had any altercations with Max B, then why is he in prison for Conspiracy?

Max never had any dealings or beef with Allan Plowden or David R. Taylor.

Max B didn’t pull a trigger,and there is no proof that he called the hotel that night, or even conspired to commit murder.The indictment  of course carried 11 charges and Max B was found guilty on 9.

It is no different from someone being fired from that same Holiday Inn, that the robbery took place because Max B was their cousin, or lived on their street.

Max B is in prison because of his association with the actual murderers, and unwillingness to leave treacherous people out of his life.

Even if he planned the robbery (which there is no proof he did), he didn’t organize a hit! You don’t murder someone you don’t know for $30,000 in a hotel!

If Max B wanted to commit a robbery why wouldn’t he rob the front desk, or other people on that floor?

If Max B wanted to pull the perfect heist why didn’t he rob other guest in the parking lot?

Where was the master plan to get more money? Max B would have wanted more than $30000.

Why didn’t anyone else get robbed except the people around Gina Conway, and Kevin Leedham?

This is a Crack-Head orchestrated plan, that two groups of prostitutes were involved with the caper and the Prosecution needed a fall guy, and now we have the life stolen from Max-B!

Where are the others that were on the scene?

Are they doing 75 years?

Max B. is living behind bars because he was dealing with treacherous and calculating rats.

Life Is That simple! Rats don’t have honor or truth. They only want to vindicate themselves. The credibility of a snitch is always in question.

No honor exist among rats, If they had love for Max B his name would have NEVER been added to this botched Robbery.

Where was the exact and undoubted truth that could be used against Max B, and the time stamp on the camera to provide him as an inside connect? Did they have directions drawn out by Max-B?

Is there a picture of them looking at directions, from their supposed leader, Max B?

No, because Gina Conway and Kevin Leedham were orchestrators and murders, not Charly Wingate. These two criminals planned it alone.

They were going to keep the money to supplement their addictions, and lack of money.

When have you ever seen Mr. Wavy NOT showing ALL the money in his pocket?

Did he really need people who were leaching off him to make him richer?

So, don’t you think it’s time we Pardon The Wave?

Criminal Conspiracy is a dangerous, but also liability that can be used in a proclamation of defense and of innocence. There is no limit on the number participating in the conspiracy and basically you can name everyone in your rival neighborhood, just for shits and giggles! In most countries, no requirement is demanded to explain each step during the occurrence.

Yes, Gina Conway is playing the helpless victim.
Kevin Leerdam lacks an inch of loyalty and Max B is the one that suffers in the end.
You know at ***messymandella*** I say what I mean and I mean what I say!
The only reason Max B is behind bars for 75 years is because Gina ran out of pills!

I knew You Weren’t Emotionally Dead ***messymandella***

Living without a moral blueprint, ain’t living at all!
There is nothing wrong with adopting a financial blueprint but you must also follow a moral one too!
What happens when you close your eyes forever?
I keep a light on for hardened hearts,that push away emotions to fatten their pockets!
I have love and respect for them because they have a damaged heart!
I refuse to give up on them!
It is easy to avoid any emotional attachment to further your financial planning, but what if your parents utilized that philosophy as their parenting guidelines, treating you the same way?
What if your mom withheld hugs, nurturing and emotional values from you, because it wasn’t profitable?
Money and Riches are easily used to demonstrate strength!
Money is mandatory to feed, clothe, and flourish!
What you don’t understand is that if you have trust and drive financially, you can include emotional in the equation.
The most hardened hearts, are the ones that have knowledge to improve our situation.
If only they would stop, listen and respect what has always been here, their emotions.
Tears, failure, and betrayal are always going to a part of a risk in every situation.
If you take the risk financially,you can take the risk emotionally.

You can be restored!
Your heart isn’t dead yet, your just on Life Support!
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I told you this on Novermberaraas 17th.
***********************Look at you now***********************************
I don’t worry about your physical activities. I worry about your mentality and heart.

The Murder Of Sakia Latonia Gunn(May 26, 1987-May 11, 2003)

Sakia’s Death. Remembering people that the news forgets ***messymandella***


Sakia Gunn, lost her  life lost through hate and prejudice.sakia in a dress

            Sakia Gunn, was a daughter, and a woman who lived her life honestly and openly. Sakia, never wanted to be anyone but her true self. Some of us should question our own teachings, and hatred toward anyone that lives their life openly. Sakia never made it to  her Sweet 16 Birthday.. Never had a chance to fight for her cause.  She had two strikes against her,being black and being a lesbian. Sakia, an openly gay and black really would fight many battles. sakia-and-mom

         Sadly, Sakia lost her life because of who she was and what she believed. Her  honesty and pride with her self, was too much for a disturbed man. Sakia’s story has been whispered around urban neighborhoods. It’s time for her life to be remembered, as brief as it descended.


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The Secret To Happiness! – HEY, I AM TALKING TO YOU! ***messymandella*** American Enterprise Institute

Don’t compromise yourself this is a test of your willpower.

Can you stand up against attraction to build a meaningful interaction are you caught up in labels of what you should become?

If you want to make a change, look now and breathe.

You must evolve to leave your place in this world.

Our most celebrated activist gave themselves, because you know if you are born innate knowledge to heal, and build.

I will build my life around rawness and truth because that is the only way to save your soul in the end.

What is this secret?

Evolve, and reinvent, and find The Pursuit Of Happiness!

Candy Says ***messymandella***



Why Vintage Is Better! ***messymandella*** Shop Etsy!

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Aloe Blacc- Love Is The Answer***messymandella***

Why American’s Are Against War On Syria?***messymandella***

Part 1:The Curious Case Of AIDS (HIV), Where Did It Originate?**messymandella***

We now know that the AIDS Epidemic magically popped up out of nowhere and people believed they were not at risk unless they were Homosexual Men . Now we know of course, that was the false hood that  spread faster than the virus itself. In the early years of AIDS it was call “Gay Man’s Cancer” but even before that  it was called “The Gay Man’s Health Crisis” meaning middle class Christian America turned an ignorant ear to the impending plague. The uniform of an AIDS patient, of course was Kaposi Sacoma (purple blotches)that were a dead give away that you were infected.

Ronald Reagan did not give a damn, if the “others” died.As we know now, AIDS has dominated the lives of many urban married, single, white, heterosexual people. The facts were few and far between, on the origins and possible cure when it comes to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. There are many conspirators regarding who and how AIDS was released to the masses.

Act UP’s angry protest and public funeral of Marc Fischer! The anger of ghost of people who are no longer breathing but died with no regard. If the epidemic would have been pushed to the forefront of everyone’s agenda. It would have remained contained and millions would be alive today.

Regan and Bush didn’t ponder AIDS as anything political and financially beneficial to him. Why would he care about funding for the “others” and now, we all are the “others” and I know I am HIV Negative, but I know so many that are living with this disease. Now AIDS and HIV doesn’t kill you immediately as before. You live longer, my cousin succumbed to AIDS earlier this year. She was diagnosed in 1989, you can live for 20 years with the virus, just as Larry Kramer, Magic Johnson, Andy Bell(Erasure), and many others that have contracted the AIDS Virus.

This is how gay men were dying; no one knew what was happening but this is a visual approach to beginning of the plague years.This is a private moment released to bring you into the epidemic as it quietly crept on into a nationwide fury.Protect yourself, and live…

Collecting footage from personal films will enable you to envision the time, that some heard about or didn’t care about, during the early stages. If this virus had not been introduced as a “Gay” virus, we could have saved lives. This footage, from personal AIDS victims that are no longer with us,  once again will bring you to those last days. Some of it is graphic because, it is the early stages when they had very limited funding and education. Let me be truthful, AIDS Research went unnoticed by President Reagan for years. ACT-UP decided to protest.
The Art World decided to memorialize their dying community by the “AIDS Estate Project.”  This virtual gallery is still active to today.  With that being said, where and how can a disease come out of nowhere and kill thousands and later millions?Some believe it was a genetically contrived to lead millions to their graves. Why AIDS? Why in the 1980’s?

NSFW-Funeral Footage

Once America was told it was from sexual interactions and unsafe bodily fluids being passed that caused the virus.
We think we know…
Some of us have heard the story of Patient Zero, Gaetan Dugas. He is known of the AIDS victim, that  criminally transmitted the virus while employed as a flight attendant. Now, the question is how did he contract the disease? Some have said in Africa the meat and cannibalism, and bestiality were the cause of AIDS.
Either way there is not one definite answer how humans transmitted the virus. The first case of AIDS apparently now wasn’t Gaetan Dugas, because Robert Rayford contracted it in 1969 as a teenager. Gaetan and Robert didn’t know each other, so we can not be 100 percent accurate about Gaetan Dugas and him maliciously infecting people AIDs. Did the government administer AIDS?

We will explore this idea in Part 2