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Miami Heat NBA Champions

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30 And Over=Killing The Game

15 Questions=Love And Hip Hop

1.What the Hell do they have to do with Hip Hop?

2. Was this casting call at K-Mart or Big Lots?

3. Why does Lil Scrappy momma look like “McGruff The Crime Fighting Dog?”

4.Why didn’t I know Lil Scrappy was slow remedial?

5.Who the hell pimped out K. Michelle?

6. Why didn’t this show come with a syllabus; No one knows these people?

7. Why did Stevie J choose dude( that  is swagger-jacking Rihanna)over 15 year relationship?

8. Why did the end of that episode remind me of “Paris Is Burning” with Willi Ninja , and Dorian Corey?

9.So we are going to pretend Stevie J is straight?

10. When the hell was Lil Scrappy Mama Pimping ,during Slavery Times?

11.Who she pimp Harriet Tubman?

12. Who has money on this show?

13. Who has a career?

14. Why do I feel like all these people cash they checks at the Liquor Store?

15. How the hell can anyone take this show seriously?

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In. That.Order

Eclectic Listening(Live Edition

My Spiritual Baby Daddy

Floremce + The Machine

Whitney Houston

Aloe Blacc

Jessica Biel

Underestimated Talent!

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Lil Boosie Entourage Member Lil Phat =Murdered

  Yeah, I have no idea who he is either. The sad part is the violence never ends.I don’t understand how people can take  any person’s feelings on wax  as a reason to play God, and end their life.

Last year Lil Boosie allegedly killed a rapper by the name of Lil Nussie  It’s pointless violence.

So many people confuse hip hop with violence.You end up dead or in a cell, if you don’t understand!  Lil Phat,You were a street soldier, but what were you fighting for?You get a funeral with everyone wearing your t-shirts and nothing else.Sad, that people don’t leave that dumb mess alone.

I pray for his family.Don’t know one song he has! Neither will the rest of the world.

Why Did You Rap? V-Nasty

This is, or  might be the dumbest chick in the game.She just happens to be friends with Kreyshawn.

Her Non-Rapping,and blatant disrespect and racist lyrics are brave,but stupid. 

She had some controversy because she wants to be down.She kept saying that pesky “N Word”. For some reason she assumed  she would get a free pass.She did not have a clue why everyone wanted to cuss her dumb ass out.

She is part of the White Girl Mob with Kreyshawn. Kreyshawn is the best out of there hip hop collective.

 Nasty even has a mix tape with Ice Cream Cone Face,AKA Gucci Mane.BAYTL was a completed utter disaster.So is V-Nasty’s life,and I blame Job Corps! Here is one video of these Sylvan Learning Center Rappers.

If you need anymore proof of this Vag-Nasty Mess.Watch these freestyles.


Just Awful.V- Nasty, I wish you would have lost your studio key.You have no idea how your voice sounds like a pissed off redneck with a lisp.I also blame your teeth.I hate your lyrical content and your dental plan.