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This story will break your heart.This little boy died at the age of 11 known as a Black Disciple and a killer. Robert “Yummy” Sandifer  had a rap sheet  a mile long. Some people were happy he was gone.

Some children knew how he loved to draw,and was abused and constantly had cigarette burns on his body.The Time Magazine published a story on his death,and asked the family for a picture.They only had his mug shot.

This 11-year-old who carried guns,went into his casket with a suit that was too big for his little body,and his teddy bears.

Yummy died in an alley,killed by his own gang .

This dead boy killed Shavon Dean, a neighborhood friend with a stray bullet. He called his grandma and wanted to confess. The Black Disciples heard he  would confess.

Yummy was escorted by his BGD

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Underground Blue Eyed( Hip Hop( Soul

Amazing Performer Nikka Costa! Nikka Who? She has toured with Prince.She has collaborated with Ghost Face ,Adam Lambert, Van Hunt and toured with Prince.She has a cult following. I saw Nikka in Atlanta.She was one of the best live performers I have ever seen. She even came on top of the roof  after her performance and she was cool,and even hugged me. She cursed a lot,but still very down to Earth.

“”Here Comes The Fuzz” Mark Ronson

rapper Freeway

Nikka Costa-“PROWHA”

Nikka Costa-“Like A Feather”

Nikka Costa-“I Gotta Know”

Mark Ronson /Ol Dirty Bastard(Tiggers)-Toxic(Britney Spears) Cover

Mark Ronson “Your All I Need To Get By”featuring Wale (Method Man &Mary/Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gay)

Mark Ronson:Rashi

Mark Ronson –Erykah Badu-Zigaboo-Dap Kings The song helped rebuild New Orleans.However, Erykah Badu is wearing Ice Skates. Her hair is unique! She is trying to send me to the Promise Land.See for yourself. Erykah Badu, I rebuke your hair!The Devil is busy!

Mark produced for Amy Winehouse , Lilly Allen and many more.Here is Grammy Award song with Amy Winehouse. Be open-minded.Nikka Costa did a track on “Blow.” She has a powerful voice,for such a little woman.

I promise  some of your faves have collaborated with underground artist.Stop assuming you won’t  like a song, before you even listen.

Miami Heat NBA Champions

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30 And Over=Killing The Game

15 Questions=Love And Hip Hop

1.What the Hell do they have to do with Hip Hop?

2. Was this casting call at K-Mart or Big Lots?

3. Why does Lil Scrappy momma look like “McGruff The Crime Fighting Dog?”

4.Why didn’t I know Lil Scrappy was slow remedial?

5.Who the hell pimped out K. Michelle?

6. Why didn’t this show come with a syllabus; No one knows these people?

7. Why did Stevie J choose dude( that  is swagger-jacking Rihanna)over 15 year relationship?

8. Why did the end of that episode remind me of “Paris Is Burning” with Willi Ninja , and Dorian Corey?

9.So we are going to pretend Stevie J is straight?

10. When the hell was Lil Scrappy Mama Pimping ,during Slavery Times?

11.Who she pimp Harriet Tubman?

12. Who has money on this show?

13. Who has a career?

14. Why do I feel like all these people cash they checks at the Liquor Store?

15. How the hell can anyone take this show seriously?

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In. That.Order

Eclectic Listening(Live Edition

My Spiritual Baby Daddy

Floremce + The Machine

Whitney Houston

Aloe Blacc