meek mill -breakfast club***messymandella***

fashion: alberta ferreti -fall 2015 ***messymandella***




thy shall never let kanye west near nan other sewing machine…

What in The Bullet Proof, Polyester Spandex Hell is This?


What in The Bullet Proof, Polyester Spandex Hell is This?



“See mama, give me gym socks and  a onesie. Yes, you can give me a book bag and it is fashion!  Yeezy Said so…”


I am working on my resume, I am between jobs and what not...


“I am working on my resume  way too busy to iron my clothes, I am between jobs and what not…” Then this girl in the sweat shirt needed a bra. Her breast are obviously having separation anxiety…


Mrs.Roper From Three's Company


Kanye West swagger jacks Three’s Company


Mrs. Roper from Three's Company!


Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company!


          The superficial deafening of name dropping demonstrates how far removed Kanye is from his original fan base.  Kanye, has managed to once  again focus on the presentation, and order of events that are sadly in his alternate universe. He has managed to strip more of his  old days and now he is this egotistical but vastly intelligent machine, that apparently has too many  “yes men” that are used in this system  to strip every morsel of realness and pride out of the  Hip Hop Culture. to build up an empire on false propaganda and an artificial flow just to rub elbows with Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour?

            You have stripped every authentic hair on you to become an elitist that only cares about his leather and fur coats. Children in Chicago will not  have blankets or Christmas trees this year.

You have more pressing issues with your sewing machine. Mr. West lately seems Narcissistic and complex to anyone with clarity and perception.

       Tell Kanye the truth, and leave these outlandish fables behind so he will make music. These clothes are the Emperor’s New Wardrobe.

People will cosign anything, just to jump on a Bandwagon. Ya’ll know this shit is ugly…


lykke li- never going to love again***messymandella***




math hoffa (bizzle bless) ***messymandella***


Fire, Bruh





Loreen – Euphoria ***messymandella***


alice russell- i am the man that will find you! ***messymandella***




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obscure soul: shai (1992) baby im yours***messymandella***