Jean Michel Basquiat-by Swizz Beats


Of  course we have all heard or seen a Jean Michel Basquiat painting. Julian Schnabel directed the biopic “Basquiat” . Tamara Davis put together footage of the painter from  over 20 years ago in “The Radiant Child”,which showed an inside look into the life of a young man who was hyped and hated by some art critics of the Art World for being himself and not changing for anyone.Basquiat left the physical world in 1988. However, we have movies, pictures and million dollars paintings purchased by Swizz Beatz Jay Z and e.t.c.  Now Reebok has given Swizz Beats a chance to make history with these BasquiatLimited Edition Reeboks.These will be sold only for  a minute so you better go get  these. So try to get them while you can  because these will be something that will be worth much more for years to come.You will be glad messymandella gave you a heads up.

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The Ventilator 2015 [HD] Short Film***messymandella***



Tess Henley – Who Are You ***messymandella***

Directed by: Jon Dong, Tess Henley
Type Animation: Jorge Sandoval
Visual Effects: Jacob Behunin
Producer: Tess Henley
Production Assistant: Maggie Joy

Music & Lyrics by Tess Henley
Produced by Khari Mateen, Tess Henley, Carson Henley, Karl “Dice Raw” Jenkins
Mixed by Jon Smeltz
Mastered by Khari Mateen
Tess Henley: Lead Vocal, BGV’s
Mic Odom: Drums
Kevin Hanson: Guitar
Jeremy Grenhart: Rhodes
Elliot Garland: Bass, Piano
Carlos Izaguirre: Percussion
Michelle Bishop: Violin
Khari Mateen: Cello
Christopher Stevens: Trumpet


Background Vocals arranged by Tess Henley and David Thomson at Soul Sound Audio


AH DI BOOM VS JC FULL BATTLE – RBE***messymandella***

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The End Of The Month- Best Dressed Edition(May): The Best Dressed! ***messymandella***





You Deserve The Best Because You Are Worth The Best! ***messymandella***

This Is For The Soldiers Coming Home!***messymandella***

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This is for the families that the soldiers, that  did not make it home.

I want you to hold on to memories, but know  there is so much love around you, even from strangers.


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Obscure Soul: On the Wings of Love – LIVE ***messymandella***



Bring Back Our Girls: What Happened To The Campaign? ***messymandella***

       These little girls that are saved have already been stripped of their innocence. After children are sexually abused and the authorities or family members realize that the abuse has taken place, the child still will have nightmares, guilt, shame, trust issues, and do not seek therapy due to the negative stigma.
I didn’t…
       These girls are at a disadvantage. They can’t just hop on a Greyhound bus or board a plane to live a new life. Even after they make it home, they still may have sexually transmitted diseases and are used as sex slaves as early as 8 years old.
     We must #BringBackOurGirls. Has the United States lost interest? In the United States, we have more resources and it seems that the government held up a few #BringBackOurGirls Signs for awareness, but decided more issues were of importance.
            I am not criticizing President Obama!
           I am criticizing ALL of the members of our government that should be marching for these little girls. I feel these girls pain, they are helpless. We can’t just ignore child molestation because it is another county.
            If we can murder and arrest other criminals  to protect our way of life and liberty, we can liberate these stolen girls. They are just waiting to be rescued from their lost and hopeless life, and are wondering, “Why  won’t someone come get us?”


A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime (Skeff’s Mix) 1991***messymandella***