We Gonna Make It ***messymandella***

Chasing Payments And Pavements***messymandella***


Gary Clark Jr-Next Door***messymandella***


Flume – Holdin On [Official Video] ***messymandella***

Can tame you lose, no, no!
Cause I need all the joy you bring, oh!
Hey, I can’t let you go with nobody
Cause I love you baby, yes I do!

Don’t give you everything I hope
Cause I gotta, gotta keep holding on, holding on
I can’t let you go away no, let you get away, no, no!
You keep holding up, you keep holding up, no, no!

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****messymandella*** weaveless (Check Out My Arm Piece)


me in transition

I let my hair breathe


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Al Green Classic***messymandella***

I guess it  really, really, really is  hot in there…

Nobody can work a half jacket exposing the midriff like Al Green!

Watch out for the hot grits…

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Katie Kate – Persephone (Live on KEXP) ***messymandella***

      Looking for music that may provide that nostalgic feeling of 1990’s soul mixed with Hip-Hop and also mixed with drums from the “Lion King?”  You probably didn’t have that in mind, however you have also never heard of  Singer, Katie Kate. She elevates you with her naturalistic hippie mixed with Hip-Hop vibe that takes you into so many places within four minutes and fourteen seconds!

          She masters a multitude of  genres and brilliantly and effectively  encompasses  in one song. Her delivery and vocals are executed to perfection. Katie Kate of course is an Indie Artist that has not garnered the attention she respectively deserves.

        Who knows, maybe this will be her year? She is performing on KEXP Radio, and that is where some lesser known at the time artist by the name of Macklemore, also received national attention. Mackelmore’s musical reception and appreciation has been  received and favored for their beliefs and unique blend of  Hip Hop and Soul. Katie Kate, has just as much talent. Listen to “Persephone” and judge the skills of this Sista, who is trying to establish her name in the game.

Dammit, She deserves to be heard!

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NSFW: MixTape Of The Week: French Montana – Mac & Cheese 2 (Full Mixtape) ***messymandella***


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NSFW__NEW:BABS BUNNY + VAGUE presents QUEEN OF THE RING***messymandella***


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Gang Starr-Mass Appeal * Gang Starr Ft. Jadakiss – Rite Where U Stand***messymandella***


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