For Women Who Are Strong and Determined


Beauty Of Knowing You Can Make Things Happen! People that ignore haters and insecurity. Women that have been up against the wall and kept their head up high.These women are the reason I know life has more in store for me. So many opportunities,and so many good things coming my way.You have to stay focused. Don’t let negative emotions get involved with your struggle. “You will never see me coming,but you will know when I get there!”-Medea

Women  can do everything in this world.

Women who don’t give a damn what you say about them.

You Are Beautiful.You Are Strong! You Are A Feminist!

Women who don’t wait by the phone.

Women that will text and call you when they get a minute.ha,ha!

Women that know mind games,and know that YOU will trip yourself up,and fall on your face. ha, ha!

Women That Love Life and You but demand RESPECT.

Women that know sports and hip hop, but still keep it girly and sexy.

Women that can show their humour.

Women who will have your back, as long as you don’t try some F$ckery.

Women that are members of the Not Many F#@cks Coalition.

I am NMF approved.  Membership is open…submit request  To the Queen Member of F$ckery Kid Fury.



I  clearly have NO F$@ks to give for HATER$!


So keep being you and love life . If anyone tries to second guess you or twist your lacefront,give them this Look  so they know it’s real in the field.

Cougar Chronicles: Stacey Dash Edition

Celebrity Parents And Their Muffins

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Nas Is Back!

Rosario Dawson Is A Banger!

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat

    My life will never be the same.

The News and YouTube has introduced me to Sweet Brown and her son,Stanford. Stanford is walking back and forth while his mom gives the interview.

Mrs. Sweet was interviewed about the fire in her building. Here is the original video.
However, my favorite version is the autotuned rap. I catch myself singing  the rap at work.  I also located a “Rack City” remix http://youtu.be/SKWfvsxd9gs“Oh, Lawd Jesus, it’s a faira.I didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’ Jesus” Sweet Brown reminds us “A mine is a terrible thing to waste.” Reading Is Fundamental.


Jill Scott and Paul Wall-Damn….So Gone

Big Jill from Philly is a freak…Ms Jill Scott is  killing this song with Rap Has Been Paul Wall.  I like that and it doesn’t hurt that she has some fantastic scenarios in her music.You have to see this to believe it.Jill is getting her freak on with Paul Wall on the low. Yes, Jill is being reckless. SO gone,and doesn’t seem to care. Here is the video…http://youtu.be/stuySQv7qw4 Jill and Paul are speaking to the truth. I guess it’s “Power In Those Rollin’ Hills?”

“Why does my body ignore what mind says?”..Jill Scott.

Jill Scott embraces her failures, past relationships, and sexuality in all her music.She  captures that sexy vibe in all she does.Video and song just paints the perfect picture.

“I work those side angles…”…Paul Wall

Go Jill and Paul . Thank you, I needed that.Now, I have to take a commercial break after watching this. Get some cold lemonade…


Kanye West -Jay Z- ILLUMINATI

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We  shouldn’t question someones talent by their beliefs.Jay Z and Kanye West are putting images of Baphomet on clothes and even in their fashion. Baphomet is the 19th Century Devil Symbol Of Satan.Maybe they are fueling the Illuminati Rumors, on purpose?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elbr3Vtk8e4&feature=endscreen