Lor Scoota murdered in his own Baltimore Hood!***messymandella***

Lor-Scoota-DTLR-Mt-Clare-Junction-103114-172***The video of his last moments are currently on YouTube but out of reverence for his fan base and family, I declined to post it here. ***


Maybe he could have been next to perform on the BET Awards? We will never know, because musicians can’t put on for their neighborhood,anymore…

We should be congratulating each others diligence to succeed . We should be appreciative of someone in the hood that tried, and not let hate destroy their career or end their life. So, here is a rapper from Baltimore whose life was stolen, that garnered respect from Meek Mill, Lil Wayne and others but never got a chance to shine. The people of Baltimore and his family are in my prayers. 

Blue eyes meets bedstuy***messymandella*** frank and biggie

KeKe Palmer ***messymandella*** talk show -2016


What if a woman- Joe***messymandella***

Preach – 86 ***messymandella***

UPDATE: Women Who Make A Difference- Pat Summitt (Tennesse Vols)***messymandella***Pat Summitt Passes Away At 64 Years Old.


Make The World Take Notice Of Your Strength! Pat Summitt inspires not just women in sports but all ambitious women and girls all over the world!




 Stay courageous through all adversity and leave a legacy to make future generations admire and emulate all over the world.  




Live, Love, Laugh and aspire to excel and become a woman who matters! Cultivate a historical contribution to this world, but remain ambitious. Ambitious women can still find love and a have a family, with an ambitious man.




Determination and self-realization are characterics needed to create a world of women who are remarkable and uncompromising, like basketball legend and coach, Pat Summitt. 


Bet Awards 2016 -fashion – music – equality***messymandella***


Babs and Vague Present – Queen Of The Ring***messymandella***Deisel vs Classy

If You Interview Rapper Kevin Gates, Don’t Touch His Sleeve Or Ask Him Any Questions During The Interview!***messymandella***

Keke wyatt***messymandella***