Keri Hilson -Breaking Point ***messymandella***

Don’t let love make a fool of you! If someone cares they protect your feelings. If they don’t respect you it will only get worse. They can spend too much time, proving they are heartless and it will break your heart. If someone does this on a weekly basis, it is a game. People will hurt you when your are bedside worried about dying family member.Love is not selfish, and arrogant.

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Why Is R.Kelly Still Trapped In The Closet?

R.Kelly is not the best representation for Sanity.He may also have Self awareness Issues.However, He is one of the most talented singers of all time.After Space Jam, he lost his Rabbit Ass Mind. This man-made the mistake of writing Trapped In The Closet an awful, painful Chitterling Circle Opera.Not only did he harmonize and sing off-key to the most atrocious writing of all time.He assumed  that in 2012 America needs to be Trapped In The Closet again.I do not want to be trapped anywhere with R.Kelly and I don’t think may people do. IFC will air the latest chapters of this dead horse.South Park also mocked this Rockery Themed Torture.  I just CAN NOT co-sign this  Muckery. If anyone else has self inflicted torture they need to administer, tune into IFC.This fool has made 32 new chapters. Check Out this link 

Jean Michel Basquiat-by Swizz Beats

Of  course we have all heard or seen a Jean Michel Basquiat painting. Julian Schnabel directed the biopic “Basquiat” . Tamara Davis put together footage of the painter from  over 20 years ago in “The Radiant Child”,which showed an inside look into the life of a young man who was hyped and hated by some art critics of the Art World for being himself and not changing for anyone.Basquiat left the physical world in 1988. However, we have movies, pictures and million dollars paintings purchased by Swizz Beatz Jay Z and e.t.c.  Now Reebok has given Swizz Beats a chance to make history with these BasquiatLimited Edition Reeboks.These will be sold only for  a minute so you better go get  these. So try to get them while you can  because these will be something that will be worth much more for years to come.You will be glad messymandella gave you a heads up.