Hidden History-South Carolina’s Butcher-Dr. J. Marion Sims***messymandella***

J. Marion Sims(January 25,1813-November 13,1983), South Carolina’s Butcher, murdered and manipulated slave women for all sadistic purposes. These Sadistic Tortures were his demonic experiments. Sim’s also used slave children, for his sadistic purposes. Continue reading

NC-17 GRAPHIC- Hidden History-The Lynching Of Laura Nelson And Her Son LD In 1911***messymandella***

We discuss racism and our sole mission to unify the races.

However, to become familiar with our ancestors, it is mandatory to know why women with a strong voice, were not appreciated then, and are a constant thorn in an average man’s mind-frame.

We will  retrieve a piece of our history that society did not deem of importance and would never have a rally to clear her name of wrong doing. Of course when Laura was murdered those  pictures and whispered historians  that haunted the families and the neighbors were the proof. However the families that ended her life,  remain unmoved about the legend of Laura Nelson, that most remain hidden. Laura’s life was an uncomfortable truth, but history should never be ignored.

After shaking and crying watching  12 Years A Slave, and witnessing  Lupita Nyong’o ,with her interpretation of the molested and domestically tortured slave, “Patsy”  I  researched other female slaves. Our society must learn  the value of all women.


Now, we pay  homage to the woman who became  “Strange Fruit.” 


Here is the truth about a woman who ended up on  a lynching postcard, and lost her life unjustly just for being a  well spoken woman, with a sense of pride.

NSFW-Here are there pictures…graphic, so click on link at your own discretion… http://www.legendsofamerica.com/photos-americanhistory/Luara%20Nelson%20hanged,%201911.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2c/Lawrence_Nelson_high_res.jpg

Information from the Genealogy Record History


Austin, Laura and their son L.D. Nelson were taken into custody after L.D. Nelson allegedly shot and killed George H. Loney, Okemah’s deputy sheriff, when Loney and a posse turned up at the Nelson’s home to investigate the theft of a cow belonging to a Mr. Claude Littrell. Laura’s husband pleaded guilty to the theft and was sent to the state prison at McAlester in the town of the same name for three years. Some accounts say in an effort to save her son, Laura said she had fired the fatal shot. Both she and L.D. were arrested and placed in jail at Okemah before their position their was compromised at the Old Schoolton Bridge by lynching.



George Stinney Executed at 14***messymandella***

George Stinney and Older Brother

This is a senseless death In history that seems to be forgotten. There is no way he could hurt anyone. No one thought he was guilty.

They just didn’t care if he died.

   George Stinney executed in 1944,  South Carolina.

Some people still have never heard his name. Today you will find about his  sensless murder. 

George Stinney  is still the youngest person  executed, in the 20 century.

 George Stinney who was sickly, shy and underweight was accused of murdering two girls.

He “allegedly confessed” that he murdered the girls.

In the movie “Carolina Skeletons” they eluded that it was a law official that may have been the killer.The murder scene is just acting.It’s graphic,but the actor is reenacting the scene of what happened that day he was executed. http://youtu.be/HIC-qBLDWUg

 This little guy would not have the strength to kick a puppy. He would seen playing in the flowers with little girls while singing songs.That means he may have been a little effeminate.

There is no way in hell, George  killed and raped  two girls!

George had no one to speak up for him.

His dad fired from his job, because of the case.

George’s siblings were given only 2 choices.



Yes, little innocent children were going to be lynched for their brothers alleged crime.

The South will always have whispers of racism.

I just hope that whoever murdered these 2 little girls, gets justice.

I am sure they are in their afterlife.

However,sadly  so is George Stinney.

George Stinney needs his redemption. Let him have that. He can’t get back his life.

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Any little bit helps, we always fight wars, and help other countries.


We have children in the United States. Help! Show Love And Support, and help “Foster L.A.”

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He Became A Murderer With A Life Sentence?***messymandella***

hard      MESSAGE! This is the little boy is the second pic on the right. Growing  up in our little southern neighborhood everyone would watch everyone’s back, and protect each other at all costs. The little boy I would watch play outside and even hold his hand as he crossed the street is now behind bars with a LIFE sentence.

           He grew up with a Single Mother all year, but he would beg and cry to be with his grandmother and his dad‘s sides of the family. His father would barely be around to watch him sleep or wake up, because the Hustle was his first love. This little boy was raised with  an image of what a man was suppose to be, and he himself wanted to also become a “businessman.” The little boy ‘s dad had beautiful women, clothes, and plenty of guns. His son, that once sweet little boy immortalized his father. As he became older and would still come around us in the Summer, we would still make sure he had food to eat, and would stay out of trouble when he was in our presence. He was very respectful, and a nice little boy that would do anything you asked. So why did he end up in prison for life? He wanted to be a business man but he couldn’t do that working at Subway making sandwiches. He quit and went wild as the wind, so wild that we would ask where is he and no one would know?

              The last time I saw him as as a free man he was in the gas station. He walked up to me with a smile and respect, ALWAYS respectful of me! He saw me smiled and  gave a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “Hey, beautiful little lady.”  I looked right in his eyes and said, “You had me worried about your tall ass, where the hell you been?” I was worried for a while. He said to me “Doing my thang, big things happening and he pulled out a roll of money and paid for my stuff too.”

       I laughed and said “Stay out of trouble!” and I hugged him tight and he said “love you” and I said “Love you too, always.” He to this day confuses  me to this day. Was he a Sociopath the entire time? Did the drugs and influence make him lose empathy?  Why was he so shy as a  baby and bold as an adult?  His  life had taken a turn that he himself did not want any of us to know about, he wanted to be in gang. He had to prove his allegiance to the gang by getting a body, killing someone. All gang members don’t have to murder someone. Some get jumped in and raped in, but this little boy wanted to climb the Gang Ladder to the top. He was proud of joining a gang.

          No one knew that he had the capacity to kill someone. He decided to kill my friends husband, and it was planned without the knowledge of the other three burglars. I will show parts of the story, but I will without privacy out of respect. When the little boy told some of our neighborhood kids that he ran the streets with he wanted to rob this  terminally ill man it was suppose to be a 10 minute scheme, in and out.  He  knew  that the victim would not suspect a thing because they were always over there on the porch and smiling in his face. He incorporated 3 other people  in this massacre (the boy in the top left) planned to leave and go to the army the next week, the mans niece(was the niece of my friend and had free rein at the house and even would spend the night. The lighter skin boy was here to visit his family for a week and was roped in to the caper. He was not from the neighborhood. He  was just visiting his relatives,  in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

          Two of the children went to the back of the house, and he and the other boy went up the front of the stairs in front of the house with the gun and he says, “F8cK that we gonna kill this cracker!” As soon as the victim  opened the door and saw the gun he was shot in the chest and his last words were “No, Oh Shit,Why?” He was shot three times and that little boy that held MY hand kicked him in the head and said, “mu*&afuc**er dead.” The initial plan was for the  other three to hold him why the other two robbed him. Then it became a murder and they were crying and arguing, but they were already accessories to the crime. Everyone realized that he planned to kill him from the beginning. In that little moment it went from a robbery and in to a murder.

           When my friend arrives at her home she finds him dead, she calls his mom to inform her of the death and the mom frantically cries and screams and jumps into her car an hour later she was dead too.   The mom was in a hurry to see her dead son’s aid to find out details. She was so upset that she had a wreck, and died before she got to see her son’s body.  Here is the link http://www.wistv.com/story/15863989/mother-and-son-killed-on-same-day?clienttype=printable!

             This one gang initiation destroyed a family,that  had to plan two funerals the same week. That little boy finds out that the victim’s mom died too and kisses his gun and gloats “Now I have two bodies for the price of one.”  When all four were arrested they were separated but all confessed the exact story details, except the little boy. They all received 8-15 years but he received life because he pulled the trigger,and lied. They other three were ONLY in that mess to get the victims pain pills and money, not his life.

         Once they went to trial the little boy used the “I wasn’t there” defense, and  still pretended not to know my friend, and had this cocky demeanor  accompanied with this”I am going to be free” mentality. The prosecution used his Facebook post to convict him. He basically snitched on himself. People use social media to understand your character, when you apply for job and for murders. They had him in pictures in his bandanna  and throwing up gang signs. Those images and his demeanor poisoned the jury, and that was part of the reason he wasnt even given 24 years like some  murderers. They also mentioned the mom dying on the way to the murder scene. So he was blamed for Victims’ murder and the Mom’s car accident. By law, he did not murder the mom, but most people thought she would have never left, if that death of her son wouldn’t have taken place. Some wonder did she have a heart attack at the wheel , or was just speeding too fast because of the little boys actions?

            WHY? I can’t only  blame on the fact that his father ignored him at times to hustle. Gangs target unloved individuals that need respect. Now it is a mess, and I want to know what happened to change him into this person, or was he a master of manipulation? He also had a girl   impregnated. He has life, she can’t be with him, and he saw his son  the first and last time when he was sentenced to prison.

          Where the hell is that gang now? They aren’t paying his bills or breaking bread with his chick and child. They used him, and now he finally realizes that now, but he is gone forever ineligible for parole. His grandmother put a lien on her home an also turned in family vehicles to find a winning lawyer to free that little boy. If he was in a gang you would assume they would also donate some money, but of course they didn’t!

        We wanted him to go to college or find a job and settle down, but that street life was his addiction and  that gang life was his downfall.

He tasted a piece of the “Devils Pie” and now he sleeps in the “Belly Of The Beast.”


Analyzing Robert Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) : Is Your Soul For Sell? ***messymandella***

Excerpt From Stephen Davis “Hammer of the Gods.”

“In the delta of the Mississippi River, where Robert Johnson was born, they said that if an aspiring bluesmen waited by the side of a deserted crossroads in the dark of a moonless night, then the Devil himself might come and tune his guitar, sealing a pact for the bluesmen’s soul and guaranteeing a lifetime of easy money, women, and fame. They said that Robert Johnson must have waited by the crossroads and gotten his guitar fine-tuned.

Robert Johnson was a Mississippi blues singer and songwriter, who according to legend, sold his soul to Satan “at the crossroads” in exchange for his remarkable talent on the guitar.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Robert Johnson started playing blues guitar in the late 1920s. His wife and child died in childbirth around 1930 and he is said to have devoted himself to the guitar. Part of the crossroads story comes from a report that he dropped out of sight for a while in the early 1930s and returned a much-improved guitarist.

In 1936-37 he recorded at least 29 songs in Texas (San Antonio and Dallas), then returned to Mississippi to play and sing in clubs and bars. His mysterious death at the age of 27 added to the legend: He died in 1938, falling ill after playing a party and dying four days later.

At the stroke of midnight, he walked down to the windswept crossroads at the junction of Highways 61 and 49 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Reciting an ancient incantation, he called upon the Devil to make his deal. In exchange for Johnson’s immortal soul, the devil tuned his guitar, thereby giving him the abilities which he so desired. From then on, the young bluesman played his instrument with an unearthly style, his fingers dancing over the strings. His voice moaned and wailed, expressing the deepest sorrows of a condemned sinner.

Whatever the reason, Johnson died at the young age of twenty-seven (The 27 Club with members Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin)  Down in the Delta Blues music that has influenced guitar players like Muddy Waters, and his songs have been covered by several rock stars, including Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones.
 In 1986 Robert Johnson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His songs include “Crossroad Blues,” “Me and the Devil Blues” and “Terraplane Blues.”

Because of the historical significance of “Cross Road Blues,” it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998.

Robert Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938)

Historians and musicians all over the world are still are intrigued


by the legend of Robert’s deal with the devil came due and as evidence gave the fact that they had seen him on all fours, howling at the moon the night he died……


Undisputed facts about Johnson’s life are few and far between. More often than not, his legend has obscured the few grains of truth that can be discerned. According to the myth, the young bluesman desperately longed for fame and fortune. “


What is encrypted in the power of fame?


Do musicians and other artist go against everything they we are taught to reach that pinnacle of success?


We are closer to the spiritual world, and we are closer than we can ever could imagine.


Would you risk your intuition and mystical inner strength to reach that Millionaire status, given a chose?


Did Robert Johnson make a pact with the Devil?


Historians claimed that Robert could not play but a few chords if any, on the guitar until he came back from the Cross Roads.

The eerie tale is of course, that when he came back to play he played better than anyone else, that saw him playing a week before, and could not understand why? Robert ONLY played with his back turned away from his audience….


Here is the footage, and now you know the legend!

Was this story a myth, or a true deal with the devil? Would you make that deal to gain riches and fame?





Classic ***messymandella***Message From The Father Of Mario Hess (Big Glo) Blood Money! ***messymandella***

My prayers go out to the families because I doesn’t matter what he did when he was here…

We know that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and that was sadly taken away from him, this week.

To the family and fans of Mario Hess I am sorry for your loss, as a family it has to be devastating.  

He just signed a new deal with Interscope and was on his way to fame with his Cousin Chief Keef,in the music industry.

Well, of course that envy that causes hatred and murder among the street gangs in Chicago.

You never make it to the top without someone from another squad retaliating.

It is almost like they wait for you to gain enough fame, just to kill you!

Why should you care, if you aren’t familiar with his music?

You should care because it benefits no one that he is no longer among the living.

He had a family and a “squad” that surely looked up to him for guidance.

I know he is in the same gang as Chief Keef! 

Hell, he may have recruited him, but that doesn’t matter now…

I know that people will blend in to chaos and gangs.

It is easier just to not shine light on the truth.

He is dead, and whoever took his life, will undoubtedly lose someone in their squad.

We know that this will happen…

We don’t know which soldier, in this imaginary war  will fall, but  someone will  die to avenge his death.

If we take time to remember each death,even if for a second they are free of judgment,and shown love and respect. Everyone deserves that in their legacy. He will receive forgiveness for his sins on Earth but we all are sinners.

We give it to God!

We need to remember Mario Hess as a father, son, cousin, and provider for his family.

Maybe, if we show the world he wasn’t just another casualty then his legacy will not be in vain…  

Rest In Peace, Blood Money… You will not be alone.

Soon or later someone from your squad,will be right beside you, to keep you company…


Kate Bush – The Sensual World – Official Music Video***messymandella***




Jamaica ***messymandella*** Traveling With The “Della” [CLICK ON EACH PICTURE]