Beez In The Trap***messymandella*** Lighters Up-Lil Kim + Nikki Minaj

Fake Ass Hustlers, Backwards Ass Loyalty… Know the difference

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A Song For You***messymandella***

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Meet Latesha Lee: Never Walk Away ***messymandella***

“Loyalties differ in basis according to the foundation upon which they are constructed.Loyalties may be constructed upon the basis of unalterable facts that constitute a personal connection between the subject and the object of the loyalty!”-From The Hood Bible (Wikipedia)

Quitting is for Suckas!

Respect Me!

Don’t make a fool out of the one that holds you down, and respect their reputation, as if it was your own!

Share motivation and love, but reciprocate the respect given to you!

You make  a Sista keep pushing…

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Chrisette Michelle: Unsung But Admired***messymandella***



     Admiration, and Unsung may seem like a paradox to most artistic critics. Arts will embrace the many facets of performance, fashion, and  heavenly talent! When Chrisette Michelle  opened her voice, this body of music, provides you with that  feeingl the wonderment  in her voice. Chrisette will always change her personal hair styles and clothing, that is a given.  All Chrisette fans know this, if you have ridden with the songstress thus far.

           I didn’t feel a personal connection to her  Maybach Collaboration. I knew that was not going to make her proud in the end. She lost that authentic, universally acknowledged Chrisette Michelle genuineness that sets her in her own lane. Now, she appears to be more comfortable with her new lifestyle and vocally grown! With a voice similar to Ella Fitzgerald  that old soul in her voice reminds you that Neo-Soul is not dead, just for the moment unsung.

The Phillip C. Pannell Preview: Trayvon Martin Was Not The First…***messymandella***

This is the preview story.
THIS is the FULL story LINK!

Phillip C. Pannell

Phillip C. Pannell

      I am sitting here trying to locate the words to even describe the  emotions and heart ache for this stranger that is yet familiar. I feel a connection to Phillip, as I did when I first wrote the story of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer that thousands have read. I am feeling that uneasy lost of justice that I feel  when I first glanced little “Yummy” in that huge suit, sleeping in his casket.

  The new generation needs to hear the story of Phillip C Pannell.

Something has to be done to find peace that stolen on April 10,1990.

“A little boy was playing in  Bryant Park with his friends in New Jersey and he lost his life because officer Gary Spath, thought he had a gun…”

  I was going to release the story tonight but not until I feel that Phillip’s family would appreciate reading this and the others who want his life story to be told to the world.  I just happened to be reading a story and came across a story about “Teaneck” and can’t seem to think of anything else…

     Phillip is one of the numerous  Trayvon’s that the news could have cared less about, and that hurts more than anything.

I can’t find video footage  just pictures…

      His life was worth more than that  to me, and hopefully you!

You have to  realize that this will  keep happening!

We have to remember our babies that were murdered!

What will we do to speak up for  Phillip?

His life meant something to someone.

     Even if it is the year  2014. 

I don’t care when he died,  my concern is how he died? 

        I know some marched but we can still evoke justice in other ways. I don’t care what he did in his short life, he did not deserve a forgotten story in a news column and a  murder covered up by those who can alter the truth!  Those people who  can sleep better at night, while WE cry for justice..

       I have tears and familiarity for  a boy I never met, and that means his legacy still has a chance of vindication.

I want to make Phillip proud!

Phillip, I am hugging you while you are in heaven.

       This angel has more of a story than I even imagined. I will do my best to make sure it is told, and that his memory is restored. My intuition won’t allow me to finish tonight, because so many avenues, and so many injustices that were caused in his life never received justice. Now his story can come to life!

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Thugli With The Clipse***messymandella*** What Happen?

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Free Cyntonia Brown ***messymandella*** She Killed Her Pimp…



She fought her abuser  and I wish more women would follow suit.

Society makes it even harder to save these little girls when this is the message that we send.

If you are an adult and you decide to sell your ass, that is your decision!

A child can not make that decision and  Cyntonia deserves a chance at life when she was raped, lied to and deceived by the people who promised her protection.


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Oceana-Thank You Poland and Greece For Reading!***messymandella***

Oceana performing at the Radio Hamburg Top 820

Oceana performing at the Radio Hamburg Top 820 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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NEW: Jhene Aiko (The Worst) ***messymandella***


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Hip Hop Lives At Davey DMX***messymandella***

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