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Lil Mo = Tweet

I Love Me Go Straight To The Bus Stop In Hell

This damn site is a scam.

 My site listing is incorrect.


No contact phone number,so you can’t even curse them out.

Then site tries to download malware.

 I am not affiliated with these assholes! They  claim to be part of Alexa. I doubt that!

I am listed with wrong rating.

They have me in the wrong location.

They have the wrong revenue for my site.

They have my site getting 34 views a day, My site gets delivered to 4000 people a day AT LEAST(click on the follow tab,and it gives you 4ooo) not damn 34.

In fact I don’t know if its a 1000 , 10000, or 7 more.

Once again, I know at least 4000.

 I have no idea, how many plus people read it.

Thank you for reading and following,all of you.  So to protect you guys, I am telling you.

They have me listed in Plano, Texas.

Everyone knows I am from South Carolina!

I thought I made that clear. 

Manipulation of information, and what not… 


Protecting and Loving You

 my  messymedallions,


Hairspiration:Christina Milian

LoLa Monroe=Exodus 23:1

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Monica=Street Symphony

Monica=Street Symphony

Elizaveta -Dreamer

underrated and Talented

Yes, This Is The Song From The Commercial…


Church Hat Swagger!

Official Female Compton Cypher

Contest Is Over! Ladies….

Clique=Kanye West=Big Sean=Jay Z