thirsty thursday sermon will return next week so the church will reminese with lil bow wow from the youth program***messymandella***

the confederate flag is about heritage? heritage my ass…***messymandella*** let love rule*




brittany bre newsome snatches the confederate flag down!***messymandella***#keepitdown #freebre

Welp, this sista is sitting in  my local county jail house but damn it she makes me  beam with her impatient decision  and irrational, but practical solution to all of the bickering.


We demand love for the state  of South Carolina and our united nations.  Brittany climbed  a 30 feet pole and snatched Dylan Roof’s symbolism and interpretation of what that flag represents all the way down, and it is time.

Nine people died and heritage had nothing to do with that flag.
Dylan, I hope you have a slow fall to hell, and take that flag with you!
Keep it down!


rbe presents ill will vs showoff***messymandella***

jay electronic- live***messymandella***



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