Time To Pretend. Love the Video.These boys are on something very powerful. Talented Group. I Love Indie Music and MGMT are talented hippies, who may have been born in the wrong generation. Maybe they are just too high to realize its 2012. If they like it, I love It. MGMT Time To Pretend

I love their collaboration with Kid Cudi 

One of My Favorite Songs By Them.I got to be Happy!

The Pursuit Of Happiness

We all are on The Pursuit Of Happiness! I’m just not high,doing it.

Here Is Electric Feel


Leighton Meester Is A Banger

Ben Harper(Walk Away

Ben Harper at the Eurockéennes 2008 Français :...

Ben Harper at the Eurockéennes 2008 Français : Ben Harper aux Eurockéennes 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ben Harper, at Metropolis (Montreal) while the...

Ben Harper, at Metropolis (Montreal) while the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal in 2003. Photo by Victor Diaz Lamich. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to, “Getz to steppin'(Martin)” / Walk Away

Georgia Ann Muldrow=Roses

R o s e s


Ebony Bones Is A Damn Fool

I Rebuke Ebony Bones!
This Is How I Know The Devil Is Busy! Cab Confessions

What The Hell is Happening Here? I don’t know what’s happening here. What in the Jumbo Yarn Bracelet Hell, is Wrong With You? We know all about You

Put Your Lighters Up

Lil Kim +Put Your Lighters Up


Kanye West /Gone-Otis Redding-Camron/ Consequence-GONE

Messymandella Classic

Terry Ellis =Where Ever You Are

New Trend:Blue Lipstick

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