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   We adhere to street codes and that’s how we live. You Should live and ride for your city, but that doesn’t mean everyone from your city is going to live and ride for you.

    Karlton Hines is a perfect example of misdirected talent, fear of a different life and someone being a victim of his circumstances.

     It’s naive to underestimate the power of jealousy, or the danger your success can bring you in the game. 

    Karlton’s family and friends share the story of a hero, leader and a born legend who just couldn’t envision or contemplate the bigger picture. We have young athletes in our communities with unbelievable potential. We must encourage  them to focus on the bigger picture. 

     Karlton was man who knew who he wanted to be, but couldn’t escape who he was… 

    Karlton received visits from over 30 basketball recruiters offering him scholarships, but he didn’t get a chance to venture into that next phase of his life.

One walk, one argument changed Karlton’s  life forever.   

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Sway +The Force M.D.’s***messymandella

There were some exceptional songs that were either forgotten, or considered obscure, due to promotional or receptional factors in the music industry.

“Tender Love” is one of those exceptional but obscure songs that remains a timeless classic for all Force M.D.’s fans!

Remember, the recording date of a song should never be used to determine a song’s relevancy.

Listen and appreciate every genre of music, get familiar with classic soul.

The Force MD’s are touring, with an introduction of current members, while performing their founding member’s songs.

Sadly, some of the original members of the group have passed away, but their legacy lives on through the authenticity of their music.

Please pay attention to the lyrics!


This is how a woman deserves to be cherished and admired on a daily basis.



She deserves “Tender Love” and appreciation.



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