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Rapper 50 Cent Calls Rick Ross A Lying Fat Boy!

          50 Cents sympathy for Rick Ross‘s Shooting is no where to be found. That being said,lets’ revisit 50 Cents and Beargrilla’s Beef. I think it started before Rick Ross was a Boss, and at that time 50 Cent gave a damn about his Rap career.Then apparently 50 Cent called Rick Ross a deadbeat dad and told his baby mama he would by her a fur coat. Rick Ross denied by a Cop, 50 Cent pulled his gangsta card and now 50 Cent still has doubts about the shooting. Rick Ross is The Don?Hell naw, not according to 50 Cents. Rick Ross according to 50 Cent, your gangsta is on trial (thanks QB Diamond from Queen Of The Ring)?

         Rick Ross had a horrific birthday. I am sure he had cake.I am damn sure he had Chicken Wings dipped in Caramel. The fact remains 50 Cent will always have his beef with the Beefy One. As long as Rick Ross making that money, 50 Cent will have a problem. Now that being said, 50 used this opportunity to voice his opinion, of the “The Attempted Hamburgler Massacre.” Now we have 50 Cents investigation unsolicited report from CSI:Miami. According to The Hollywood Gossip  Rick Ross  witness stated, “They Coming Back! I’m Hiding!”

The Beautiful Red Lip

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Alice Smith: One Of The Best Vocalist You Don’t Know

How much do I love the musical reclusive Alice Smith?
Alice has only one known body of work.
Her voice can hit any octave you can imagine.
She has the “Nikka Costa Complex.”
What is that, you ask?
None of your damn business!
Just joking!
The “Nikka Costa Complex” hinders your potential.
No one can include you in their genre,so you don’t get included at all!
Your talent will never find it’s core listening group.
You become a legend among a few.

Your pockets may never see guap.

Those few fans, will always show love and respect for you.

The rest of the world will say, “Alice Smith, Alice Who?”
This is Alice covering Cee-Lo‘s (The Sexual Bowling Ball) track “Fool For You.”

Lil Kim -Crush On You

#GreatestHipHopSongs – Eminem – S-T-A-N

FLossTraDamus + Kid Sister


Madonna (1985) Dress You Up

          Remember Madge in her Golden Years?

Wait, these are her Golden Years.

We love this Golden Cougar.

Madonna has been a favorite of all women that are fighting their children.

Some women use Madonna as a reason, for not going to a nursing home.

I mean really, just look at Madonna.

She can send AARP in a stand still.

You can’t imagine, how much love Madonna has stored in my heart.

When she throws those  powdered  shanks all over the stage,WE LOVE IT!


TRINA + French Montana

What Do You Expect From President Obama?

             I have heard so many negative complaints about President Obama! The question I have is, “What do you want from him?” If you are anti-Obama why? What made you decide that you hated him, and wanted him to fail? President Obama has defined education as a main goal to build our country and grow as a nation. He wants everyone to help fit the potholes in our economy. Some American‘s don’t feel that way. The negative attention to his presidency gave Mitt Romney  assured confidence he would  replace the president.


            What do you want and what is he not doing for you? His legacy as  president, will historically be remembered.  Americans have a need to feel secure in finances, and safety. We are divided as a nation. Some views of Obama have caused threats, and for some Christians to think he is the Anti-Christ! Don’t you think he needs respect, and honor? When you decide you hate someone, it consumes you. Hate is like  taking your own poison to kill your neighbor.

“If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself.  What
isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.”  ~Hermann Hesse