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Orange Is The New Black – Netflix ***messymandella***


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Fred Hampton And His Misunderstood Legacy…***messymandella***

         What if everything you heard about Fred Hampton was a lie?
 Is is possible that history painted a desecrated image  of Fred to  further disregard his character and love for his people? The government utilized tactics to rival the bigotry and propaganda of FOX News! Just because it is reported does not make it indeed a  fact.
           The Black Panthers were not  a passive group of soldiers. Make no mistake, I have NO TOLERANCE for any racism or sexism but facts can be removed from any situation to cover up a conspiracy. Fred Hampton’s objectives were to protect the women and men in urban communities, from Police Brutality. Look around, this is still a  problem with  Kyam Livingston, and Oscar Grant! In 1965 Fred Hampton knew the danger the under education, and poverty-stricken would have to face to reach their goals. He wanted education and betterment for his people.

        There are integral parts of The Black Panther party that were racist, and  the incentive and movement was of coursed later minimal because  of death, drugs and imprisonment. Why is Fred Hampton dead? We kill and terminate free thinking because it is too powerful for us to understand.

Strength is needed to build an organization.

Now this organization has myriads of branches, but the blatant racist factor overshadowed the entire movement. The movement was against corrupt police!

         However, this organization tarnished with a stain that had the original members like Fred Hampton may have lived, it would have opened up doors to all communities and reached a unification to fight against Police Brutality. Now we can only look at old footage and make our own interpretations of Fred Hampton’s life and murder. Yes, Fred Hampton was A lost voice that only wanted to protect his community from the tyranny of Government corruption.