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Happy B – Day – Michael Joseph Jackson ***messymandella*** You are Music, Love, And The King Of Pop

This is one of my favorite songs. Warning, Do Not Listen To This Song if you are heart-broken. It will only make it worse… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Beautiful Women Of The World***Fatima Siad (Somalia)



Martin Luther King Jr. Died On April 4th, 1968 In Memphis, Tennessee! ***messymandella***I HAVE A DREAM

Martin Luther King Jr. held on to the virtues of patience and “turning the other cheek” when his enemies wanted him to cease his marching and liberation for all people. In 1955 Montgomery residents of color endured mistreatment and physical abuse but stayed obedient to law enforcement to risk lynching or other arrest in a bias system. Martin Luther King created the blue print for the “Montgomery Bus Boycott” in the year of 1955 in which feminist Rosa Parks legacy and life’s work is forever linked to in our history books and Civil Rights Movement history.

MLK,the activist that instilled the legend of freedom in us still reside in our lives and family plans,if we just listen. I assume have to be shaking their heads in disgust. These people marched. were bitten by dogs, sprayed with hot fire hydrants, falsely arrested, and had crosses routinely burnt on their yard, but they didn’t stop fighting for us!

 I have told you guys  this story before, but here we go again. My great, great Grandfather Ned was a mulatto and he was a farmer who acquired land and his own garden to have the deed for a make a living off his hard work and vegetables he produced. The Klu Klux Klan in South Carolina showed up on his land and burned a cross right in his garden. They came “looking for him.” My Granddaddy had to hide in a barrel of sweet potatoes that entire night that his wife, my grandmother covered him up in so her husband,my grandaddy would not get lynched.

On October 14, 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting for inequality and resisting the urge These families and ‘s blood is on are hands if we are killing each other and disrespecting his life by turning our streets into a death trap for young adults and innocent children.
A rapper,Doe B, whom recently succumbed to gun shots lost his life recently in Alabama but the news also reported 48 other gun related deaths in just that area alone the same years. King marched to give us a chance to educate and be a part of history and the rebuilding of America. King died protecting our rights and to creating unity among all races and sexes.

With all the historical landmarks that Martin Luther King traveled by pounding the pavement, in and in the end dying for us.

Do you think he would be proud that we are killing each other?
Can you envision King being ecstatic that his legacy has accomplished and celebrated even though the racist in this case, has the exact color of skin as the intended victim?
Instead of marching forward we have taken ten steps back.

I love my music and movies that have obscene or derogatory language.

       I would be lying If I said I didn’t,and you consistent readers know I feel horrible about how Bobby Shmurda was treated by Epic Record.

It appears some of us don’t understand we can move mountains and live our life and still love our art from struggle from pain and oppression.We are suppose to grow from it, not repeat it!

We have to imagine the strength MLK had also understand and remember when Malcolm X was murdered he changed his militant views and embraced people of all races.

He lived for us to live as respectful human beings not savages to make a difference, and some of us don’t remember or acknowledge the fact he was murdered TODAY!

Are WE better?

Bobby Shmurda is a product of his environment, now when he has a chance to reunite with his family on the outside. Bobby will have the chance to make that difference.

If he decides to stay in the negative light and stereotypes of our men, he has no one to blame but himself. He deserves a chance, and prayers. We don’t know everything, and you don’t give up on our men unless they don’t learn from their  15th incarceration!




        If we don’t live by the doctrine of betterment for our livelihood and families, King was assasignated for no reason and we are spitting on his legacy.

        My goal is to live as if Martin Luther King Jr. was looking over my shoulder,and I am sure he would tap me on my shoulder because of my temper.

I still strive to make a difference and make him proud!

Right now as I look around Chicago, Detroit, and other neighborhoods we have ruined with gang violence I am 100% ashamed and I know we have failed his legacy.

The truth is we spit on his death every time we put that colored bandana in our back pocket, and take the safety off the gun, to murder someone who would have marched beside us, if Martin Luther King Jr. had lived.

#SoulfulSunday – This Is For You, Emmitt Till ***messymandella*** T-Pain

A Message For You Baby Daddy’s ***messymandella***

af664516d5dd87263ba62e24f8a2a026In the Hiphop Culture dads constantly are targeted as deadbeats. On occasion it may be an accurate assessment? Don’t judge the story, until you know the narrator.

Actions speak louder than words, and failed relationships overshadow the children, in our community.




However, more than likely the child’s mother and father are internally struggling with the demise of their loving bond, so It becomes the blame game, but just because he cheated on you, doesn’t make him a deadbeat dad.



We know how it goes, the paternal  family will go above and  beyond to disprove the baby mama’s allegations. The baby mama will go on a crusade to diminish any honor in the father, and we usually believe it, and gossip about it. We have involved and respected fathers in our communities, but because of the stereotypes WE help create, those honorable fathers are ignored.


 The child suffers  because of the hate manifested inside through betrayal and hatred due to the misconceived ideology  of  “happily ever after” that seems to be a dream. My parents are still married because of their generation. Our generation is a damn mess. We have lost respect and loyalty within our selves.


We  damage our youth by poisoning them against their communities and their fathers if hate is still in the hearts of the mother. Fathers are not welcomed to make everyday decisions regarding their child without an altercation with the baby mama, which usually takes place in front of the child. A father is a blessing, are we really appreciative of that in our culture?


We must also abandon the stereotypes of  welfare mom’s and section 8 housing. Actually that proves my point. If these pregnant women had financial backing and a strong fatherly bond, we could be as one and section 8 housing would be a short-term goal for single mothers but not a life long vacation home. Sadly it appears to be just that, because we have lost respect for each other and it is shameful.

aa dad 2 teen sons golden gate

I do love our men and women but as long as we teach our children that their father’s are nothing, the entire society will continue to share that myth and we  are just as guilty for creating racism in regards to black men. My father is an amazing man, my financial aid was late and my father took his 2 week check and signed it over to the school. He didn’t care about himself, he loved me more and I am who I am, because he loved me.


We must stop discouraging our children by planting the seeds of disrespect at an early age.  Keep giving your children everything you didn’t have, they must have strength and self-love. Black men and women were never supposed to despise each other. It is a slave design thought process, and we sadly follow the model and live by it everyday.




I am blessed to have a father that loves me. It is difficult to raise independently thinking adults, if all they hear is negativity from the two people they love the most, about how much they hate each other.  Your children will poison their future family with that exact self hate, that they witnessed from you. Uphold and upbuild our men, but men must also treat women like queens. Our babies, and the rest of the world are watching…





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