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Happy Birthday “Return Of The Mack” ***messymandella***

This is the anthem of self- evaluation after you’ve been played worse than “The Power Ball” and “Monopoly.”

This musical  scriptural  composition brings you the laughter after the tears.

The song will always be a part of the culture.

When Mark Morrison just simply ignores the “d” and sings, “You lie to me” we understand it’s about the message. 

We can’t be petty when someone is dropping jewels.

Laugh at yourself, believe me everyone else has already laughed at you.

They also laughed at the  obvious red flags that you ignored.

Respect the timeless message. I gave this song acknowledgement  when a woman decided that “Return Of The Mack” would be her official wedding song, she is a revolutionary. The song  is for all that were played that are now on the road to reclaiming their time.

Everyone gets played, but Mark Morrison encouraged us  to dance through our stupidity. Happy 22nd Birthday to you, “Return Of The Mack.” 

 It is a general song for everyone. I use it for the philosophical aspects only.

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