I don’t care how many Twitter followers or Instagram followers you have… I get asked everyday to purchase followers.


***messymandella*** thanks for reading

I can actually go in my inbox now and have 10,000 followers by the end of the day.
That is not authentic, and I have about 3000 followers but over 753,921  views on my site we know  real numbers don’t lie, send your art to me!
 *Send Bio or story you want the world to witness your talent*

 I decided this will be THE ONLY EMAIL that I facilitate in my quest for beautification, killing the game, opening up your eyes and my internal  greatness and modesty. 


Lord’s Of The Underground + Redman ***messymandella***


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Zazie Beetz ***messymandella*** Back To The Source


James Blake + Travis Scott + Metro Boomin ***messymandella*** (Audio)

Ed O.G + Da Bulldogs ***messymandella***

Jasmine Sanders + Harper’s Bazaar ***messymandella***

Thandie Newton + E! ***messymandella***