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A Message ***messymandella*** #FindOurGirls

This is a message for the forgotten and missing minority girls in our nation that are ignored due to the color of their skin and economical backgrounds and resources. 

Little girls, I would be terrified too. I assume you are wondering when someone will come and finally bring you home? I have no answer and can’t say if it will happen.

I will keep you in my heart and we have circulated your story via social media. We have pleaded for the news to rally around your families and send national search parties to save you, repeatedly. We have been ignored, just like the importance of your life. However, no one has actually done anything nationality to insure your safe return.

Your parents and community don’t have the economical means to garner national acknowledgement. Your skin is also part of the problem. Your adorable faces are not all over posters, like the beautiful Natalie Holloway. Your families don’t have the elite backing and support.

Your loved ones must suffer in silence while you unfortunately do the same thing. Unfortunately, If victims of crimes are not located within 48 hours, it is a critical moment in their return. If you are still alive, we tried and pleaded for the government to make your lives a priority but apparently we are fighting a losing battle. We will not only keep praying for you, but for the government officials that have resources to save you but are treating your life as if  it doesn’t matter.

Your life matters to us, we love you. I am so sorry that you girls are left to fight for for your lives and we again we pray  that you are still alive. The people with a soul and a moral compass will keep you in their hearts. We love you, and are sorry you have been abandoned! We are disgusted and any lives lost belong to the officials and media outlets that could have taken 30 seconds to mention your names.

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