ShaRon JoNes And The Dap- kings -If You Call***messymandella***

If You Call

Glad, you are recovering. Your in my thoughts!







15 Year Old Audrie Pott Commits Suicide After Rape!***messymandella***


       Once again, a teenage girl has become a victim of assault by a group of  teenage boys. Why rape is not laughing matter? Why men need to realize that taking advantage of a woman is barbaric. You wouldn’t want someone to do it to your mom or sister. I hate when men try to get women to engage in group sex.

You have no respect for  that woman, your mom or your self. 

Women at times feel powerless, especially when there trapped in an over powering situation with men.  

This time, the incident resulted in suicide.

In Northern California, three 16-year-old boys have been arrested.

The pain and embarrassment were too much, for this girl.

She took her own life.

They are  charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl named Audrie Pott, causing  her to hang herself only 8 days after the attack last fall.

The victim’s family attorney will prosecute against these young men. Robert Allard, said students shared pictures of  the assault via cellphone and that the girl later posted on Facebook that her life was “ruined.” Now, show respect to women.

If you have to drug or rape to get some that makes you a looser,  and a bastard.


SoMo Vs J.Cole (Power Trip)***messymandella***


Webbie Believes The Children Are The Future***messymandella***

Webbie is the poster boy for Job Corps, and denied Book Vouchers.

Here is Webbie giving a motivational speech to some children.

These unsuspecting nice country folks received life lessons from “The Philosopher Of The Decade:Webbie!”

If only we could understand what he is saying…



Australian Singer- Matt Walters-***messymandella***

Matt Walter‘s awakening was early and a blessing to say the least. He was galvanized with a musicians ear, that he used to bring forth his musical awakening. He cast his spell at some long-ago folk festival. Matt’s innate musicality and storyteller’s instinct were inflamed and his future career as a singer-songwriter sealed.
Like his hero Bob Dylan and Neil Young he paints a picture of malleability that is easily recognized in his voice.When I first heard his voice, I could not believe that I neglected this talent.

Well, some of the most eclectic music will never get a spin a Top 40 Radio. You have to search to find that feeling, that’s meant to reach your soul.
Then as now, the constantly renewing vistas of the road were indispensable to his inspiration and education as an artist. His first, hauntingly unadorned EP, ECHO ON, was the culmination of a long voyage of discovery from Melbourne to Sydney to London and back to his hometown.
Some critics heard the gentle lilt of Nick Drake, others the oblique visions of Dylan and Neil Young, Matt knew he had nothing until he’d left them behind and found his own voice. That leg of the journey ended with FAREWELL YOUTH, a debut album released by Universal Music in March 2011. Its title summed up his craft and hardship, disillusionment. His intrigue with America, the source of much of his inspiration, had intensified when he collaborated with visiting Nashville singer-songwriter Kim Richey in Melbourne. Read more at


Queen Bey Loves Her Fans!***messymandella***

 Blue Ivy’s Mother Of Destiny has stage presence that mere mortals can only imagine. She performs all over the world, and sells out any arena. Beyoncé loves and admires her fans! Sometimes fans don’t reciprocate that love. Beyoncé will work hard to entertain her fans, she sings with them even when they pull her hair.

Blue Ivy, will sale and buy us all one day!


Momma Carter will sing and dance until her Fan Stops her, and she will keep singing even when the fan pulls on that Himalayan North Pole, Givenchy Yaky. That sista is fierce. This is the first time I have ever seen a fan, outshine Beyoncé.


Trayvon Martin’s Death, Woke Up The Nation!***messymandella***


My heart is broken, and my faith in humanity is being tested every second I view Trayvon’s last picture, on the ground. I swear, Florida you should be so damn ashamed.and that jury will never find peace. This bullshit has know rhyme and reason. He went to get damn skittles.
Damn you Zimmerman, You are a bastard, and you do not have any chance of regaining a comfortable life in society. While you were being a racist piece of shit, you robbed America of that little security they had in the justice system and race relations. Next time a 17-year-old black man is in a hoodie, he will run! That little boy is going to remember the Social and Literal defamation that Trayvon received, when HE WAS THE VICTIM! I am loosing fate in the gangs and violence in my neighborhood. I am scared that one of my cousins could be shot and killed because they don’t know him. Apparently, it’s “shoot and ask questions later!” The world has changed one factor. Every race has come together in distaste for the Social and Ethnical Injustice,created by George Zimmerman!ALL RACES ARE WORKING TOGETHER!


Trayvon, you will be remembered as a symbol of unity, and unjustified death.
Your parents are not alone fighting for your short life. They have millions of people they have never met, crying over you right now! I am one of them. You didn’t deserve any of this racism, you didn’t deserve those painful bullets. You did not deserve to have to beg for your life. I know you will never make it to college. You will never leave your town to follow your dreams. You have to know that you will never leave our hearts, and justice has to be served. Sleep in peace, while we fight for you!