One eskimO | Kandi | Official Music Video ***messymandella***Candi Stanton



Two Fresh— Just “Some Purple Stuff”***messymandella***




Cheers To You- Lil Wayne And Static Major(RIP)***messymandella***

***messymandella*** Loves Your Support!



Twerking For the Lawd***messymandella***

Balenciaga | Spring Summer 2015***messymandella***


Isaiah Carey Is The Wind Beneath My Wings!***messymandella***


This man has facilitated me through some trying times in my life.

I will never forget him for his off stage banter, pollen allergies, or his unhappiness with country bugs and of course his hatred for “country ass towns.” I know he is famous and respected, but you still have to respect his blooper reel.

I will forever be a fan for his vintage bloopers!

See For Yourself.


Don’t Know this guy…

jessie j***messymandella***