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***messymandella***Style And Swagger Segment: “The Color Purple!” / Jill Scott




July 4th – classic della— Has America Forgiven Paula Deen For Her Slave Fantasies?***messymandella***

Paula Deen holds court
Paula Deen holds court (Photo credit: Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway)

In a legal deposition obtained by The EnquirerDeen confesses to using a racial slur on several occasions, as well as wanting “black waiters to play the role of slave in a wedding party she was planning.”

I never thought that Paula Deen would host a   NAACP fundraiser.

Now, I am wondering what door would we colored folks  be allowed to enter through at one of our weddings.

Big,Sassy Paula, has made money off of  all unhealthy eaters of all races.

Paula now will only uses salt, made from the Slave Quarters, and peas picked by the field hands.

Well, maybe not exactly, but I am sure that is the way Paula operates her plantation kitchen.

In no way, does she think this mess will fly.

Here is another quote from Ms.Deen

Yes, of course. It’s just what they are — they’re jokes…most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks…I can’t determine what offends another person.”

Maybe, she didn’t understand that this might be a stupid public relations move.

Not only is Paula a racist, but she uses slaves in her videos.

Well, her money has been made, you can’t ban her from TV, or the Liquor Cabinet.

She has already made money with “The Help” and she now has more bank, than gut.

No one knew she was a Grand Dragon 

Dixiecrat …

What can we as civilized Americans, assume will be the outcome of Paula Dean Mel Gibson new racist persona?

She will cook, and continue to be a drunk chubby cherub, with the best recipes in The Confederacy


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You Deserve The Best Because You Are Worth The Best! ***messymandella***

The Bias Media Didn’t Give A Damn About The Murder of Jimella Tunstall?***messymandella***

fetusx-largeOur media has always been bias! Wait, do you disagree with this assessment?  Jimella Tunstall’s murder may change your mind. She was not wealthy with the resources of most, and her tragedy may change your mind and cancel any preconceptions about the news being “fair and balanced.”  

              Jimella Tunstall, 23, of East St. Louis, Illinois young black mom was seven months pregnant with her fourth child. Longtime friend Tiffany Hall, a 24-year-old mother of two hatched a deceitful plan to destroy the life of her best friend.Tiffany secretly decided that the baby her friend was carrying belonged to her. Tiffany planned to steal the Jimella’s unborn childwith no regard for the family and friends of Jemilla Tunstall.

         Prosecutors through preliminary investigations, alleged that Tiffany purchased supplies including a nasal aspirator, rubbing alcohol, and a sharp instrument for cutting flesh in early September.  Tiffany smiled in this woman’s face every single day, lived with her and also acted as a God-Mother to Jimella’s family. Deception of a jealous and vindictive person is not so easily to detect by someone with a kind and giving heart. Those selfish people will not bring anything but confusion and pain and involve you in situations that could end your life, Jimella learned this lesson too late.
She intrusted a vindictive and soulless person to care for other three children on a daily basis. On the 15th of that September she set her plan in action. She pretended to be Jimella’s best friend and decided that her life was not as important as the child growing inside of her,but Tiffany didn’t care about Jimella.
Tiffany and women like her are so naive to assume they are able to fool the doctors and nurses in the hospitals. The doctors and nurses will instantly be able to determine if you JUST gave birth. Now hospitals will follow protocol and their diagnosis of the alleged pregnant mother’s females birth canal and other obvious signs of giving birth.
The hospital faculty will immediately notify the police if they suspect foul play,or the child has been a victim of an abduction. Most of the women are prosecuted immediately and the late mother that fought for her life, and watched her best friend murder cut her like an animal, died in vain because no one would ever raise that child.
The mother who stole the newborn baby and the mother’s life, is behind prison bars and both set of children have lost a mother. In reality no one benefits from this situation, and for Tifffany, may God have mercy on you. Even though you felt not one regret apparently no mercy for Jimella. Jimella trusted a vindictive person and it is why she will never be a part of her children’s everyday lives. Her spirit will be here probably wondering,”Why would this person I gave everything,take everything from me?”

         Tiffany now will never witness freedom and this is a vindication for the families of the victim, and one proud decision in our judicial system but the vindication can’t replace stolen lives!
We are not going to make this story a racial issue, alone. The news stories seem to also ignore the poor and forgotten members of society too, so this why you have never heard of this little tragedy with such a detrimental trail of despair.

         Women in urban neighborhoods, and old country neighbor hoods, that get mentioned only by their local news.  Casey Anthony is not the first woman to get away with a murder of her and lie about her whereabouts.  Casey Anthony was attractive, and could have been the girl next door that was the intrigue. Jimella did not murder her own children. Any woman that would contemplate taking the lives of children is beastly and demonic,like Casey Anthony.Jimella suffered a harsher fate than most could imagine.

         Jimella’s ignored murder meant nothing to  the richest and most social acceptable families and individuals. If  you are employed at The Waffle House your murder will not be covered. The media will have very few outreach programs and resourses for the friends and family. Investigations into how to raise money for the family or funeral services were not provided to facilitate the families and community,because her murder was by the hands of her own race.

      This murder is indeed one that stands out as just disgusting and horrid. GRAPHIC—–GRAPHIC
 This is a brutal world and this murder just proves how unhitched Tiffany Hall truthfully became in premeditation this murder.  Tunstall was murdered and had her child stolen in her own bathtub, where Hall cut her open to remove the fetus.

This scene was apparently chosen so that the blood would safely drain away.
Yes, her so-called friend that she loved and cherished, murdered her to steal her baby. Jimella and her fetus both lost their lives, her assailant then decided to also murder the victims remaining three children. Tiffany went a rage and changed destroyed everyone’s lives and innocence.
These children were murdered by someone they always loved and trusted.
        Fetal abduction victims usually spend their last moments trying to protect their children.
         What makes someone murder you so violently her “friend”, and their children?  After watching Snapped, Deadly Women, and other Real Crime Segments what makes you assume your crime will never come to the light?  These shows are cautionary tales and prove how people can destroythemselves in jealousy and betrayal.
            Did Tiffany have an unhealthy obsession so immense that her growing rage would make her also murder three other babies? Tiffany destroyed an entire family,in one night and nothing was accomplished. Five people died in one night, and another women behind prison walls.
       Tiffany Hall murdered an unborn angel, and three innocent babies that she would babysit on a regular basis? We do have a black female serial killer in our lifetime. Jimella suffered a horrible death similar to Lacy Peterson but she would never receive a Lifetime movie.I pray that her family knows that they are in our hearts and that life will never be the same.They now have someone who they never met but still deems it necessary to inform them their daughter and grandchild’s lives meant something and were worth being remembered. Hopefully they will feel the love from the rest of the readers that will read this story.
      Can you even imagine how startled those babies were to witness each other dying by the person they trusted, their mommy’s “best friend?”

Be careful  of who you call a friend they will be your downfall when jealousy and animosity overshadow love!
Tiffany Hall  was a calculating killer that had no remorse for her actions, its time the story came to life!
“Friend” is not a term that everyone in your life deserves. 



TwonDon – Gift & A Curse [Heatseekers] ***messymandella***

Beyoncé – Superpower ft. Frank Ocean ***messymandella***

When the palm of my two hands, hold each other
That feels different
From when your hands are in mine
That’s just the way it is, hmmm
And when my voice is screaming out, to my own ears, uh
That feels different
From when I hear yours
Now that’s just the way it is
And when I’m standing in this mirror
After all these years
What I’m viewing is a little different
From what your eyes show ya
I guess I didn’t see myself before ya
Moving forward

(Super power)
A subtle power
(Super power)
A tough love
(Super power)
Uh huh, like a shark
(Super power)
Ooh, Like a bear
A tough love
And I thought the world would revolve
I thought the world would revolve, without us
Without us, without us, without us
But nothing I know could slow us down
They couldn’t slow us down
I thought I could live without you
Hey, hey
Cause nothing I know can break us
They can’t break us down
And just like you I can’t be scared
And just like you I hope I’m spared
But it’s tough love
I know you feel it in the air
Even the babies know it’s there
Tough love
(Super power)
The laws of the world tell us what goes sky
And what falls
It’s a super power
(Super power)
The laws of the world never stopped us once
Cause together we got plenty super power
A subtle power
(Super power)
A tough love
(Super power)
Uh huh, like a shark
(Super power)
Ooh, too much to bear
And I thought the world would revolve
I thought the world would revolve, without us
Without us, without us, without us
But nothing I know could slow us down
They couldn’t slow us down
I thought I could live without you
But together we’ve got plenty power
But nothing I know can break us
They can’t break us down
Yes we can
Couldn’t break us down
They couldn’t break us down



Tomorrowland TV 2014 | Live First Weekend ***messymandella***


Tomorrowland TV 2014 | Live First Weekend

Casualty Of Love By Jessie J***messymandella*** Desperado From The Eagles

        Learning, and accepting comes with time and self- evaluation. We don’t possess all the answers when it comes to life and people you include in this journey of life. I tell people I love them, because I believe that when you leave this world, love is the only thing that keeps your energy alive. I am very private in my life, because that strengthens a genuine friendship. I don’t care what others think of that person, If I dig them spiritually! They always show me respect!

       I have never been disrespected, and I wouldn’t be anyway.  In time that love will grow into a bond If you are patient. Some habits are hard to break, and you can preach, beg, and even bargain but you have to avoid letting outside factors destroy than bond. A blessed bond can become “broken.” Now, I am happy just knowing that person is breathing and woke up to live another day. When people live a life  you don’t understand, it is more beneficial not to face the perceived dysfunction. Some label a person in such a harsh manner that they build up a wall. You know those Desperados that love freedom, women, partying, women, money, women (Yes, I know I have mentioned women 3 times) as an amazing life.

Are you still going to be doing that while you popping open an Ensure and changing your Depend Diapers?

        In life you take that chance, timing is everything. He or she is observing you and learning who you are too.  It is better this way, because everything is authentic. No one lying about who they are, and what they do on a daily basis. You know them through your mind and heart, and not by what’s in their pants, or pockets. No one knows the secret to lasting bond, but you want something bad enough you will fight! You may lose the war, but it is not that bad to be a “Casualty Of Love.”