Make Up Minute: Less Is More! ***messymandella***


Kelly Rowland: Overlooked Beauty + Talent***messymandella***


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Bronze Beauty***messymandella***


All OF ME (Boyce Avenue)***messymandella***

Beautiful- Bold- Hair!***messymandella***

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11th Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Cheryl Cole)***messymandella***


Cheryl Loves Ghetto Love?

Ok, lets pretend that Cheryl Cole is not extremely beautiful and confident!

Wait, we can’t  imagine that being the case!

Mrs. Cole is cocky and talented. She  can dance and sing and dance.

When I first saw Cheryl, beautiful and gifted!

Cheryl believe it or not, can sing and dance most of these chicks under the bleachers!

No longer a member of the X-Factor, she is making music that she wants!

Cheryl, doesn’t give a damn what you think.

That is the secret to being the true you!

Stand out, live your life and do  whatever makes you feel comfortable!

We all are artist, once you abandon every judgement from  your naysayers!

Check out her new interracial love story called “Ghetto Baby!” 


cheryl{Call My Name


Cheryl Cole

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