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Lauryn Hill’s Message Of Self – Love Must Remain Imperative In The Hip Hop Culture!***messymandella***

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York's...

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York’s Central Park in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






women rapped and kept their under garments on and just spit their lyrics.

Only a few pictures of men could get glimpse of a bathing suit  a bra top or  a wardrobe  malfunction but that was it, it would go no further. Lets be clear, I also adore most female rappers in this industry but these are half-naked most of the time because is it so common place these days.

When you are an avid activist of women In the arts, such as myself, you understand  Lil Kim and Mrs. Minaj and message of female expression and empowerment, even if you don’t care for the perception and the molding of the young female minds. They are both beautiful women with a message to women, but not little girls!

However unfortunate  but obvious is that  women have abandoned the life lessons of solidarity and we are culture “Miseducated” but that money will overshadow the power to our people and education of our youth  will make millions these days.


The revised rap blue print for women   is  a paradox to the Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill and her foreshadowing on the slut like activity of women that we celebrate and even honor at the Grammys.

Lauryn was cut from a different cloth and opened our ears to self-pride and self- preservation.

Apparently the Hip Hop Nation will not be able to envision another genius who also carried herself like a queen, and not a “Trap Queen.”


Back then, a person would not be half-naked every day unless she was a day time hooker.

While we as women and men  should be someway protesting, and demanding fair treatment by men, we are subconsciously every stereotype to “keep” a man.

        Thanks to Snap Chat, Twitter, and  Instigram we are so disillusioned of  what is substantive or superficial?

      No pictures of Queen Latifah‘s big draws or MC Lyte‘s   panties would have been posted all over social media.

We relentlessly speak of Women Empowerment, but that is not what the younger listeners are going to identify with and embrace.

        The message of mental strength is lost with butt shots, mindless sex and  money over anything genuine in this life. We have to nourish our families physically and psychologically

       We don’t comprehended how lost and fake we are in this world and Kendrick Lamar is kicking off that knowledge.

Lauryn Hill foreshadowed our mental and spiritual weakening  and the truth was too scary for her so she escaped her public existence and moved out of the industry.

      Mrs. Hill is the woman who could have been on the level of Nina Simone,but she escaped her surroundings and lost her musical vision in this ever-changing hasty culture.


It is challenging to stand up for your self-respect and principles when you are trying to protect your people, usually the backlash comes from  your message from the very people you are trying to empower.


Céline Dion And NE-YO – Incredible ***messymandella***


Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love***messymandella***



NSFW:Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says-Wyclef -Kenny Rogers***messymandella***

Roberta Flack* Killing Me Softly – Morgan Leigh***messymandella***


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Dizzy Wright -The golden age -Mix Tape***messymandella***



01. 2 Wings and a Crown Feat. Irv Da Phenom (Prod DJ Hoppa)
02. The Flavor Feat. SwizZz (Prod 6ix)
03. Maintain Feat. Joey Badass (Prod DJ Hoppa)
04. Progression (Prod Hitman)
05. The Perspective Feat. Chel’le (Prod Aktion)
06. Killem With Kindness (Prod AF Supreme)
07. Welcome Home Feat. Arima Ederra (Prod JReezy)
08. Bout That Life Feat. Hopsin (Prod 6ix)
09. Still Movin (Prod JReezy)
10. Fashion Feat. Kid Ink & Honey Cocaine (Prod Nicholas Pugach)
11. Cant Stop Wont Stop (Prod SupaHotBeats)
12. Step Yo Game Up Feat. Jarren Benton & Tory Lanez (Prod Kato)
13. B.T.T. (Prod DJ Hoppa)
14. Untouchable Feat. Logic & Kirk Knight (Prod DJ Hoppa)
15. Tellem My Name (Prod Rikio)
16. World Peace (Prod Rikio)
17. Hope You Have a Good Day (Prod Rikio)
18. Your Type Feat. Chel’le (Prod 6ix)
19. Brodee Bro Feat. Capo (Prod Cardo On The Beat)
20. The Golden Ghetto (Prod Reuben Lewis)
21. We Turned Out Alright Feat. Wyclef (Prod Wyclef & Sedeck Jean)
22. New History (Prod Rikio)



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Why Do We Shoot First And Think Last?***messymandella***


Why the hell are you in gang? Everytime you decide to Crypt walk on stage, or represent your folk nation, you put more little boys in the line of gun fire. They have to prove something to a father figure, when they lack one! You are killing your own people. I am saddened that it is easier to die in your neighborhood, than fighting for our country. When we clap when someone does the Crypt Walk, you are no different from watching a Lynching and clapping. Self destruction mentally is just as bad as destroying someone physically. You can walk around knowing that children are dying and you don’t give a damn! Everytime you put that flag in your pocket or represent your gang, you push yourself further into the 11th realm of Hell.Society we are sending the new generation to the prisons and the graves, before they can graduate from High School.


Gang violence statistics

While it is true that gang violence has been decreasing, it still exists.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in the Department of Justice offers a National Youth Gang Survey.
Some of the results from this survey include the following gang statistics:

100% of cities with a population of more than 250,000 report gang activity.
11% of rural counties report gang activity.
35% of suburban counties report gang activity.

More than half of the homicides reported in Los Angeles, and more than half of the homicides reported in Chicago, are elated to gang violence.

More than 24,500 gangs are active in the U.S.

772,500 people are members of gangs in the U.S.

94% of gang members are male.

Only 2% of gangs are predominantly female.

Only 37% of gang members are under the age of 18 right now.

Gang member ethnicity breaks down this way: 47% Hispanic, 31% African American, 13% white, 7% Asian.

Gang violence costs more than $100 billion a year.

In the end, it is a sobering look at the picture of gang violence.

Even though the crime rate has decreased, and a great deal of progress has been made in terms of education, and providing opportunities for would-be gang members, there are still problems to be improved upon.

Statistics gathered from http://www.teenviolencestatistics.com/content/gang-violence.html

Honey Cocaine***messymandella*** Inspirational Track(s)


Amanda Bynes:PSA -Stop Caring***messymandella***

I agree whole heartedly with this Public Service Announcement!

We are placating a ruthless fooleywang, Sista Amanda Bynes.

Yes, we are giving Amanda Bynes exactly what she wants, attention!

Amanda Bynes was a star in 1998 on Nickelodeon’s All That!

Yup, that’s about it!

If she can’t get it together, get her assistance and some Holy Water.

I laugh at 85% of everything; this is an exclusion.

This is far from humour, and more embarrassing for her.

Just capture her  and give her the therapy she needs.

Maybe if we turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear, she will STOP!

I  am not giving to pacify Amanda Bynes.

This will be her first and last post on her bamboozlement.

Amanda walking around  here like Ernest T.Bass from Andy Griffith.