Marina And The Diamonds ***messymamdella***





Jennifer Lopez Exposes The Double Standard In Our Society!***messymandella***

The women of our are world required to be quiet and just accept the double standard?


When everyone else has to bite their tounge, should you stifle your creativity?


We should all respect ourselves and live with standards but not to the point we lose ourselves to appease the masses. We will laugh at this video because we realize that she doesn’t want to have a threesome and sleep with everyone on the damn boat. Jennifer Lopez is proving that no man would take seriously a woman like this unless she called him “daddy!” It is hilarious and just proves that women know the difference between image and reality.  Feminist will always love their man or woman, but will call “bullshit” when they feel the need to, at least I do!

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Rappers Find Better Role Models: The Griselda Blanco Edition!***messymandella***

Dear Godmother,

Let’s celebrate the life of a terrible woman who pretty much got what you deserved.

It’s just too damn bad, it didn’t happen while you were in Florida. Why would I say something so spiteful?

In  the 1980’s Griselda ran rampant with the notorious hunters in your Medellin Cartel.

You were once attractive, well dressed and sexy,but after arough living and pure cocaine  destroyed your attractiveness.

Your  sanity and sex appeal were no longer a part of your existence and you also enjoyed children and raping  women and   selling them for money, if they did not let you control them.


Too bad  that you could not really kick, that pesky habit.


You reportedly ordered over 250 murders. You laughed when you knew that you missed your intended target, but killed his toddler son instead, he had his son laying in ice, because he knew he would get caught and you were unstoppable.

You were also credited

for inventing the motorcycle assassination and that is how you died.


I guess your invention works?


Even after you killed other people’s children, and raped and violated women because no one wanted to screw you, some fools idolize you. I know Lil Kim pays homage to you.


She calls herself the “Cocaine Godmother” and “Kimmy Blanco. ” Then again, Nicki Minaj brags about being a “Young Yummy?” that is not a good thing in any sense.


Yummy  lost his life at a young age of a eleven,and was shot in a tunnel  and left to die alone.

I know its its a rap culture to have criminal role models. I know I will never hear of anyone with an alias ” Wayne Brady” or “Condoleezza Rice.” or the “Al Roker  Of The Trap.”


You also are responsible for death and destruction of  children and wives of rivals. You never felt any remorse for any of  your crimes.

Griselda could disappear for years at a time from the rest of the but could always hide in the grimy, elusive criminal underworld. 

All good things come to an end…


That Cocaine ended  your sanity, beauty, and gave you extra chins.



Wishing you the worst in your after life. 


Rappers, please find better role models!



Your Enemy,

Senorita Messy                                                                   



Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love***messymandella***



Rita Ora Live ***messymandella***


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“New Me” Is Serius Jones A Pimp Or A King With Comprehension? ***messymandella***

Serius, Man You know too much, but you pretend you don’t!
Who knew a pimp had this side to him? This is a perfect example of a Rapper with caliber of Nas, turning off his knowledge! These barz don’t personify the image, that Serius Jones and his collaborative market minds have created. This a visionary letting his talent and purpose being over shadowed by commercial ambitions, and the image that he has cultivated. Listen, this man, he understands the state of our community and that he is not utilizing his talents to their full capacity. Every time Serius gets a little bit closer, to becoming solidified rap artist, something happens.
Life is Serius, but who the hell is Serius?
Is he hiding that vision and gift behind all of that foreseeable fame? You may think he is hypocritical, he even questions himself! He is highly intelligent, just like Nasir Jones. Nas, flourished mentally, but money was not the equivalent to the knowledge he blessed us with in his lifetime. It is mandatory that we have mentally charged lyrics. Who is the King Of Hip Hop Jay Z or Nas? Serius is just as talented and intelligent, why is he hiding his insight and his ability? Jay-Z dumbs downs his commercial hits, to target his demographic, he admits it repeatedly. Serius has pulled the wool over our eyes, here is a pimp with promise. Where is this Serius Jones we hear rapping? He is needed in Hip-Hop! Damn a battle, damn a punch, we need knowledge and positive collaborations with people all over the world, that know we are all destined to be great. Serius Jones, may be the biggest pimp in the game, is he? Does that even matter? I don’t think that he is at all, but I don’t work for “CSI: Pimp Investigations…” Serius jones is ignoring his ability, and his foreseeable landmark on our hip hop culture. This is Serius! Who the hell would have imagined he envisioned the truth and the knowledge to help our people? We need this in our community, and for our men. So Serius even knows his Bible verses? Serius, you are an intelligent black man, we need your mind.We know you have barz, but you also have insight!You are a King, even if Ronnie and Tricks are running around the kingdom…

Rihanna – Shine Like A Diamond!***messymandella***





Kiyana- Take Me Away