Sean Price-Figure Four***messymandella***Asher Roth Muddy Swim Trunks


asher roth -that’s cute ***messymandella***





Solostar-Best Of Me Remix Freestyle***messymanadella***

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DJ DMD – 25 Lighters Feat Lil Keke+Fat Pat VS Al B Sure***messymandella***

  Inner Soul Records  created a platform for rappers with their own trademark sound, and it included the Screwed Up Click.

DJ DMD is still making music and  teaching the young urban youth, about their Texas  Hip Hop Heritage.

The sound of Fat Pat, Big Hawk, DJ Screw, Big Pokey was at first, just an experimentation created among some friends at local parties and in their own studios.

They had no idea their body of music would actually have a place in most Texas Libraries, classes and be a major genre of Hip Hops History, but Hip Hop and now Pop has songs that are now Chopped & Screwed.

DJ DMD is still in Port Arthur, Texas where he DJ’s and remains an Elder In The forefront of Texas Hip Hop.

DJ DMD was fortunate enough to collaborate with the original rappers that birthed their sound.

The Screwed Up Click members  met untimely deaths but their legacy and body of music has a new class of rappers  such as Lil KeKe, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire that always show respect and remain thankful for following in their musical tradition.

Lil Flip,and a host of others paying homage to the  late,great, original members of the Screwed Up Click  are keeping their sound alive.


Al B Sure! – Night and Day (C) 1988 Warner Bros. Records, was heart-throb back in the days of  the Cosby Show, and 227 days  and he was mostly seen in acid wash jeans and an S-Curl. His voice is that of a melodic, but Soulful Soprano.



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HorrorShow VS A Tribe Called Quest! Can I Kickkkkk It? ***messymandella***

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KOTD – Charlie Clips vs Conceited *Co-Hosted By Smack White***messymandella***

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Max B=Who Gonna Leave The Biggest Legacy?***messymandella***

Emily King-Radio BK Rehearsal***messymandella***

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What about Your Friends?***messymandella***

Maestro Slimezo-Midnight***messymandella***