42 Year Old-Roselyn Sanchez -Movement By Myself (Neyo -FABO)***messymandella***




sexy sista’s: peep that one shoulder swag! ***messymandella***


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Céline Dion And NE-YO – Incredible ***messymandella***


Find Strength Through Pain With Marsha Ambrosius***messymandella***



First Edition Of Style Watch: Men With Swagger! ***messymandella***



Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning VS Melanie Fiona***messymandella***



Jumpsuits Find Their Own Swagger!***messymandella***


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The Dirty Projectors Cover Usher’s “Climax” ***messymandella***

Still Dirrty(Christina Aguilera)***messymandella***

Let’s erase all  double standards  in regards to  societies gender stereotypes.
Mrs.Dirrty, showcases her freedom of choice.

She advocates rights for women that speak up about their sexuality and not afraid of the backlash?

Christina Aguilera will never be “Mrs.Cogenialty.”

She is a fighter and a blazing talent, who breaks every musical barrier.

Her voice and her lyrics will make some uncomfortable but  Christina doesn’t care, she’s “Still Dirty.”