Jordan Rakei – My Time (Official Music Video)

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Happy Spiritual Birthday- Aaliyah Dana Haughton ****messymandella***

Aaliyah”(January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)Aaliyah Dana Haughton, also known primarily by  the pseudonym “Aaliyah”  celebrates a Birthday!

The songstress and dancer graced the world with an alluring and confident persona that is immolated by female singers in the industry today.

The late  vocalist and dancer breathed her first breathe of life, today in 1979.

Nostalgia is in the air…

I am attempting to close the door on sadness because this is the date you lived and not the date you died.

We  can’t ever  replace you “Baby Girl!”

We are blessed to have your confidence, intelligence and voice so  you will never be completely gone.

 You were  “One In A Million”  and you had “Swagger” before it was even an urban slang.

 While most of your singing peers were wearing  dresses and heels, you came into the game wearing Timberland’s, Hoodies, and Bandannas and a halter top.

You decided to take a masculine approach to your sexuality and decided to dress like the men in her videos but with her unique sexuality and charisma.

Your uncanny  ability to adorn head bands and hoodies, made you a Feminist Icon and Fashion Icon.

You decided what sexuality was and created you, and your Independence.

We still haven’t found anyone that was just like you…

 You and that angelic voice will forever be solidify you in our musical history.

I am not going to play “Miss You” …

Your  legacy and influence lives on in our lives.

Your choreography  and voice are  perfection and you can’t copy that, even  in 2014.

The music industry  still samples your voice, fashion and swagger because spiritually you are still with us.

 Posthumously, Aaliyah has a Cult Following, which is well deserved.

We shouldn’t cry today because YOU were born today!

We Appreciate you and  miss you because “Baby Girl” you are “One In A Million.”
Here is you with your musical family on “Black Ground Records.”



R. Kelly Finally Made It Out The Closet To Visit Phoenix***messymandella***

R.Kelly is not the best representation for Sanity.He may also have Self awareness Issues.However, He is one of the most talented singers of all time.After Space Jam, he lost his Rabbit Ass Mind. This man-made the mistake of writing Trapped In The Closet an awful, painful Chitterling Circle Opera.Not only did he harmonize and sing off-key to the most atrocious writing of all time.He assumed that in 2012 America needs to be Trapped In The Closet again.I do not want to be trapped anywhere with R.Kelly and I don’t think may people do. IFC will air the latest chapters of this dead horse.South Park also mocked this Rockery Themed Torture. I just CAN NOT co-sign this Muckery. If anyone else has self inflicted torture they need to administer, tune into IFC.This fool has made 32 new chapters. Check Out this link


Now R. Kelly is back,  less theatrical coonery and more music.

The man is a musical genius.

He was specatacular on the Kanye West Collaboration(G.O.O.D) Music Intro, with his hook.

I know it is not 1997, and he may not be on top of the world.

Well, at least he is out the damn closet.

Thanks Phoenix, thanks a lot.