Women With Curves!***messymandella***

Graphic: Christina West: Police Brutality Caught On Tape***messymandella***

Let’s be honest, she shouldn’t have been Driving While Intoxicated.

With that being said, she is small woman who endured pain by three male police officers.

Even after she told them she thought her jaw was broken the incident became a brutal assault.

If you don’t watch the entire video, speed it up until you reach 8 minutes.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!***messymandella***

I hope you enjoy today and don’t feel alone.

Don’t think that you have to get a gift, because you  are a gift.

You are your gift.

Don’t be bitter with lies and betrayal from the past.

When you heal you must silence the mind, that is something I had to learn.

It is hard, but you have to get past the hurt and open up that inner light.

Love needs to go past February 14th, agreed?

 I have the best Love in the world, and that spiritual connection is unbelievable.

I thank God for bringing me happiness and patience…

Child, It is mandatory with  my loved one!

My love is the best thing that ever happened to me!


We know that we have power in HIS words, but we have reality with actions! 

I want to look like Lisa Ray at her age (47)!


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The Heart Of The Matter***messymandella***

I love change, and flourishing.
Don’t except situations that are just convenient, don’t make this your reality.
So, you are going to sit around and feel sorry for yourself?
You will plant seeds for the future, but that is impossible if you are always hosting your own pity party. When will you enter another relationship? Your love life does not expire like a gallon of milk. Haste can be the reason,it didn’t work out. Get off that couch,pick up that kleenex box and toss it in the trash. In life, you grab, and torture yourself to hold on to something that you don’t even need, and will never benefit you. Living dependent on others for your happiness will be your own downfall, learn from your mistakes. Don’t ever let anyone tell the world, how you failed in your relationship, they are covering up their own deceit, and emotional abuse. You almost let them bring you down that paved road of destruction. They wanted you to endure their antics, and you made it through. You also in the end realize that the people who stop calling your phone were never “your friend.” They were only around for your ex, and now it will sting, and break your heart, but. No one will ever know what happened behind closed doors. People thrive on failure. Maybe too many people in your relationship, was the reason your relationship disintegrated? Don’t explain your past, why do you owe anyone an explanation?
Grow, and call a truce, and learn self-love.
When you have resentment and anger, it only hurts your soul and spirit!
No one can change the past, and in the end you will get to the happiness you clearly deserve!
Look to life,and don’t call it being single, call it being selective.
You have to find someone that represents you, and your aspirations!”

New Edition= Still In Love

I remember when I first heard New Edition and saw them perform.

I will never forget the harmony.

That was my first Boy Band Crush!

These men are one of the 90’s  soul groups that continue thriving.