R.i.p. phife dawg!–A Tribe Called Quest + The Leaders Of The New School***messymandella***



R.i.p. Phife from A Tribe Called Quest- Who’s Next ? #DTMD -(feat. godlymC – Cortez) ***messymandella***



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Justin Beiber Got Too Comfortable, Too Fast…***messymandella***

           Of course by now, you have finally heard relevant news about Justin Beiber, well relevant for someone over the age of 17 years of age.

Justin Beiber was given a ceremonial hood pass in his mind, to use that word…

 Hip Hop culture and  the Bubble Gum Pop are surprised he dropped the “N Bomb” but why? He wasn’t embaressed  he said it, but mortified that he was caught when the detestable footage was released. Justin Beiber received love from all races under the age of puberty.

Lesbian women all over the world, fell head over hills for his hair cut. This idea of being down with the culture, can be a gift and a curse.
 Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus assume that being ratchet, will make you black but it won’t ever. Hip Hop is for every race. I would never call anyone a racial slur, because that creates racial diversion.

What stereotypes are we ourselves are putting out the world?

         Twerking is a fad, but chicks been doing this mess. Now a skinny little girl named Miley Cyrus, with the same haircut as Vice President Joe Biden, became the “Christopher Columbus of Twerking “and the world went into a flat butt frenzy. The world began to assume that black women were just dropping it down to the floor to get Master’s attention. Well, if I see one more butt in the air clapping, I am going to scream. Back to Justin Beiber and his unapologetic scheming ways to ratchet notoriety. Now since Justin’s insensitive joke has come to the forefront, but what does this say about us?

       Are we in our culture of ethnic equality, confusing imitation with flattery?

I don’t understand why people want to boycott him? He has never shown a racist bone in his 14 year old adult  body, but this could put a monkey wrench in his plans to be on any BET Stage. When it comes to adolescent girls and Justin, their idolatry is alarming  and unfaltering,and he will continue to make money. In the days of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, it was a understood respect that was garnered to each race, without using derogatory speech.

What ideas and images are we sending to our young, about being “down? ” So everything disrespectful to women and adults are considered…

We are so lost, Google Maps could not help us if they tried.

 In defense, he was only 15 Years Old, and he does not need to be crucified.

Oh, and Justin Beiber is no different from B.Rad from “Malibu’s Most Wanted.”

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Gang Starr ft. Nice + Smooth ***messymandella***


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Happy Belated 40th Birthday, J Dilla!***messymandella***

J Dilla February 17th,1974 – February 10, 2006) lived with  the foreboding disease, Moschcowitz Syndrome.

This disease destroyed his body over the years,but he kept making music. 

Finally, he died a few days after his birthday in 2006.

The disease conquered him, and eventually took his life but we he still have his music.

J Dilla  was a Detroit Native that worked with prominent members of the  community of Neo Soul and Hip Hop( Erykah Badu, De La Soul,Busta Rymes, Janet Jackson,The Pharcyde e.t.c) and his influence lives on! Unfortunalty his music gets sampled and used without a dime going to his estate. J Dilla created such a vast body of music, since the 1990’s and it can not all be traced and cataloged under his estate.

Yes, they are stealing art from a dead man, which is a shame!

J Dilla  a member of The Stones Thrown Family leaves a legacy of fire and talent that can not be duplicated and was ahead of his time.

I am sure you had the chance to witness his genius, but you probably didn’t know it came from J.Dilla. Respect, Love and Legacy to J Dilla  the native of “DillaTroit!”


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Megadon, Ruste Juxx, Smif N Wessun,Sadat x***messymandella***