Ronald Isley – Just Came Here To Chill ***messymandella***


Here Is A Quick Quote From Pot Head Morgan Freeman, “I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!” ***messymandella***





obscure soul: shai (1992) baby im yours***messymandella***





Download *The Pop Tape* By Kasha Leo From Dat Piff!***messymandella***


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IconMixtape Tracks

  • 1.Pardon My Delay – Ka$ha
  • 2.Who You Are- Kasha Leo
  • 3.Now I Know
  • 4.Intuition Mission
  • 5.Is It Ok
  • 6.Number 2
  • 7.Beat It Down
  • 8.We Keep On
  • 9.Perfect Stranger
  • 10.IUWE
  • 11.Did Me Wrong
  • 12.Feels So Nice
  • 13.Pardon My Delay feat Kasha B Leo (A Licks Rush n DJG33Zr Remix)


HeadBangerZ | Missy Elliot ft Jay-Z “Wake Up”***messymandella***

Meet Kasha Leo! ***messymandella***

kashaSinger/Songwriter Kasha Leo, from Sulphur, Louisiana is a rising star that music singles her out from the other indie singers in her class.  Kasha proves that she is a Pop Princess, with promise. She is primarily influenced by personal inner strife and her professional intimacy that fuels her music.

No doubt, Kasha Leo will garner musical success and solely because of her quest for stardom, and her passion for her singing.

     Growing up in such a small area, Kasha didn’t have support from “every day people” that don’t chase the sky.  Kasha knew her talent would gain her a musical following, so she left to find her musical voice, and support she needed from her fans. This trip  fueled her devotion and empowerment with her music, that will shine through, with each of her singles.

She decided to leave her home with only dedication, desire and a dream.

When Kasha and  her cousin left Baton Rouge, and traveled to the coast on the way to New York it gave her a new independent freedom. Kasha  later took a two month road-trip in Spring 2012  along the east coast, that bolstered her inner strength with proof that her talent could eventually give this songstress the recognition and fan following, that she rightfully deserves.


Top Albums and Songs by Kasha Leo


  Name Album Time Price  
1 Pardon My Delay Pardon My Delay – Single 2:44 $0.99 View In iTunes
2 Did Me Wrong Did Me Wrong – Single 2:56 $0.99 View In iTunes
3 Now I Know Now I Know – Single 4:20 $0.99 View In iTunes

  Kasha  Leo stated in an interview, “I found myself, my closet poems became lyrics, and those lyrics and  passion became fire.”


Daley – Those Who Wait (Secret Show Live) ***messymandella***

At 24 Years Old, Daley convinced the genre of Indie Soul,that he was worth the attention with his voice and stylization, years ago.
Daley  has that unique soulful voice that Neo-Soul truly requires for its unique, retro genuine taste. 
Lovers of soul should advance this musical form and appreciate those in the game, that are training and paying homage to the legends in this musical game.
We always entertain what is Pop, but this is a diversion from the mainstream and considered by some as  “Grown Folks Music.” 
Currently,  Daley is creating music in the studio with Pharelle Williams. Their new collaborations undoubtedly will spring forth some buzz-worthy support in the ignored music genre of Neo-Soul. Daley is a breath of fresh air in music industry and he has the chance to reap benefits in regards to his purchasing power and ability to sustain,in this music industry but stay Daley.
Daley’s voice is reminiscent to legends of soul and sopranos forefathers, such as   Prince, and Maxwell, but make no mistake about it, Daley’s voice remains his own.
Daley, still embodies soul, and classic Rhythm and Blues and his fluent song style, that no one will be able to compete with his sound based, on his determination and struggle in this industry.
Daley’s music is covered with the inner strength and narrative truth in his voice that relaxes your spirit.
Daley, reminds us that you plant your seeds to grow, and don’t just worry about the money now!
Blessings and Greatness comes to “Those Who Wait.”











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