Watch This Anointing Cover Of Boyz II Men “End Of The Road” By BLUEJUICE!***messymandella****

The introduction for this cover is rather long, by Triple J Studios.

The actual song begins at 1:39 minutes and it will save you time from the studio banter of a now defunct group.
As long as we have covers, the artist composition remains prevalent. “End Of The Road” was released by the Philadelphia born quartet, Boyz II Men, in 1991. 

       Revisit the song, if it has been a minute but some of you enjoy the nostalgia. Some of us   were not alive to witness the phenomenal,  yet depressing break up song.

      Watch this  Philadelphia group revisited by Australian Rockers BLUEJUICE. This singing group has taken a hiatus. 

        We must  have the pleasant but willingness and  ability to judge by talent and not worry about the year the song and video were on the scene.

       BLUEJUICE was an Australian band that reached pinnacle success but are now currently all working on solo projects and even released a eulogy to fans regarding their break up a few months ago.


“We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Bluejuice … Some here will rejoice in their death, (“They were so ANNOYING, why don’t they Fx*K OFF…); while other, perhaps more good looking people, will lament this passing as a light snuffed out too soon. Bluejuice were born in 2001, and let’s face it, they fxicking sucked. They were an instrumental band at first, but that’s no excuse is it? … Vale Bluejuice. May your memory live on, may your Wikipedia page remain unvandalised, and may your yellow jumpsuits forever remain soft and dairy farm-fresh. You will be missed.”


BabyFace + Toni Braxton: Let It Go, Let It Flow***messymandella***




Happy Valentine’s Day!***messymandella***

I hope you enjoy today and don’t feel alone.

Don’t think that you have to get a gift, because you  are a gift.

You are your gift.

Don’t be bitter with lies and betrayal from the past.

When you heal you must silence the mind, that is something I had to learn.

It is hard, but you have to get past the hurt and open up that inner light.

Love needs to go past February 14th, agreed?

 I have the best Love in the world, and that spiritual connection is unbelievable.

I thank God for bringing me happiness and patience…

Child, It is mandatory with  my loved one!

My love is the best thing that ever happened to me!


We know that we have power in HIS words, but we have reality with actions! 

I want to look like Lisa Ray at her age (47)!


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