Quiet Storm – Lil Kim + Mobb Deep ***messymandella***

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Beautiful Women: The Eyes Have It~ ***messymandella***

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

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Black And Yellow***messymandella*** Where Fashion And Hip Hop Meet




We Stay chasing that green… ***messymandella***Blackstreet (video) it is St. Patrick’s Day



mac miller -brand name***messymandella***




Moesha’s Marcus T Paulk Not Famous Enough To Enter Unfamous Club!***messymandella***

The fight between Marcus and his girlfriend because of his lack of career success, and general low self-esteem has circulated itself to relevant news. Apparently that Moesha money does not give him that blanket of success,or recognition. Marcus also became a cast member of “Red Tails.” and that too did not gross expectant revenue, or garner success but he was able to hear every gun shot due to his overwhelming ears. Well, he began to feel ignored, while at a Beverly Hills nightclub on Tuesday night! Marcus T. Paulk supposedly accused Roxx of not paying him enough attention, and decided to teach her a lesson. When they returned home, and Paulk hit Roxx in the chin. She retaliated by swinging back and busting open his lip, and he then punched her in the stomach before forcing her to leave the premises.

The violence that escalated sent Andi  Roxx in a traumatic state, and she was left with verbal, mental, and physical abuse from her alleged abuser Marcus AKA Miles. When Roxx arrived in the to the hospital the next morning, where she was treated for internal injuries. Upon telling her doctors and the police what transpired, cops reached out to Paulk and his attorney later arranged for the actor to turn himself in to authorities. Marcus T. Paulk has not addressed the allegations publicly. His shameful allegations and box office bombs created a little man so testy and angry that he can’t control his temper and make others remember who the hell he is.

Now that he is attempting a comeback as an artist of something, he must stay visible and active in the industry,even if it is in a Chia Pet commercial. I would recognize Marcus T.Paulk’s name and face. He was in “Red Tails” and he died early in the movie. Still no one at the door recognized him or his career. Oh well, Miles can regain celebrity status if he keeps his hands to himself,and buys bottles outside of the club, or gets hired to park recognized celebrities cars? Maybe Marcus should get on the V.I.P list and congregate at the club table with Ray Rice?

The White Mixtape Classic – Jay Z And The Beatles -Danger Mouse***messymandella***




Lil Kim Interview-The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 ***messymandella***



Lovelyti2002-Karrueche Will Never Live Down Her 106 & Park Visit!***messymandella***


In The Life Shmoney Shmurda [Dir. @MainEFeTTi] ***messymandella***

Bobby Shmurda wears a playful smile of someone who is carefree, which can’t be further from the truth.

Bobby unfortunately is  facing 15 years behind bars over gun charges, from earlier this year, will determine if he will have 15 minutes of fame or a life time?

Imagine the fear and unrest  that Bobby  has over his head, and why can’t the rappers leave street mess in the streets?

You have to separate yourself.

I pray that more people understand that Hip Hop Cops are investigating and reporting mess on  our men.

While Bobby is tweaking and dancing he can’t be that ecstatic living with the uncertainty of his future.

The street beefs and gun charges, could end his freedom.