the what ever happen to _______ edition?***messymandella*** g dep: confessions on pcp

G-Dep after he confesses to a “Cold Case


G -Dep has left the limelight for good. I knew after loosing his rap career, he had some financial challenges.

G-Dep made a career move that would give him the financial support he would need! He was signed to Bad Boy in 1998. He had a contract to release 5 albums. That never happened.

G-Dep developed a drug problem that cost him his career and created money woes. G-Dep in 2010 confessed to a “Cold Case.” Yes, we know what  a “Cold case” means. They have suspicions of the killer, but not enough proof.”Cold Cases” can stay on the back-burner for decades.

 G-Dep was so high on drugs that he snitched on himself.

At 18 he robbed and killed John Henkle in 1993. He has been in prison for about 2 years. G-Dep left his wife and twins behind to enter prison.

Drug addiction is bragged about, and mentioned in many songs. There are those that can function as drug addicts. Then, we have the G-Dep’s that lose it all. They later regret their decisions, but it is too late.
You have to be on some serious drugs to admit to a 1993 killing. I’m just saying…Woah!

Check out Mrs. Drama’s video with G-Dep, as he discussed his career and drug abuse.

He should have never picked up that “Special Delivery

Moral Of The Story: PCP is one helluva drug.





Snitching On Yourself…..

Hopefully he will have a better life outside of prison?



This Thirsty Thursday Sermon Is Not About Chicken Wings!***messymandella***

This Thirsty Thursday Sermon is about the damage of humanity and the epic slaughter of our God Given eyebrows. This tomfoolery must cease and desist, in regards to the eyebrow trends that don’t appear to be human, or even logical for any one to even attempt to wear.

Why would you want to look like two centipedes are doing the Schmoney Dance on top of your forehead?


Now we will have to hold internet hands and gather for this Thirsty Thursday Sermon on the Dollar Tree Soap Box, and REBUKE these eyebrows in the name of the Angels in charge Of Heaven’s hair Salon.
No more calligraphy, burnt bacon-like, or Mayan inspired decor, or black salamanders draped across thy forehead.

Do  not get discouraged, this an intervention. Even the most beautiful and famous have experienced eyebrow mishaps too.


This Thursday Sermon should decrease stress, among the eyebrow victims family.

When your eyebrows look like these, you ALWAYS look surprised, even in your sleep.


Chance The Rapper***messymandella***

Chance The Rapper has absolutley no serious side to his delivery. He however has skills, and his unique dancing ability.According to The LA Times “Over the following 13 songs the assured voice of Chance runs through a surreal tale of pills, rap, a Chicago high school for gifted students, cigarette stink, “chauffeurs with road rage,” cocoa butter kisses, Chuck E. Cheese and LSD. “I think we’re all addicted,” he sings on “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” adding that “if I sip any Henny my belly might just be outie.”


A free mixtape will be released this week, “Acid Rap” is a great example of  the talent in Chancelor Bennett, 20! Guess what,  you can see him live! Chance is touring and he will be performing at the “Downtown Music Festival.”
Get ready for the Black Hippie Hip Hop Scene. You will of course catch Mac Miller, and Kendrick Lamar.

Check out Tour Dates and Performance scheduleThe Brooklyn Vegan-

Tickets for both of those shows go on sale Friday (5/10) at 10 AM. Citi/Live Nation/Ticketmaster presales for the Hammerstein show begin Thursday (5/9) at 10 AM and Citi Cardmember/VIP Package presales for the Stone Pony show begin Wednesday (5/8) at 10 AM, with a Live Nation Mobile App presale beginning Thursday (5/9) at 10 AM. All tour dates are listed below.

Earl Sweatshirt won’t be on the NYC-area shows, but he will be here as part of Dowtown Music Festival this Friday (5/10) at Element for a show with Ryan Hemsworth and Antwon (tickets).