leon bridges wants to be a better man ***messymandella***



thanks for reading ***messymandella***





Thanks for the love, y’all




soulful sunday:featuring jill Scott / jane child / beyonce and somi ***messymandella***





rihanna- stay***messymandella***


rihanna sings bit$h better have my money ***messymandella***

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Every time, I hear this song, I get nostalgic and think about




inspiration: follow your dreams***messymandella***



soulful sunday- infinity by mariah carey***messymandella***




Marsha Ambrosius ‘s ^ Cold War^


Marsha Ambrosius becomes a drug dealer in this video.

I wouldn’t be a  drug dealer.

I Love My Life,and my freedom.

If  he looses his job and lies about it for a month. 

 Meaning  this fool got dressed and left with a brief case, and pretended to work.

Hell people thought that I was pretending to work my current job.

The liars were stuck on stupid, when they saw me inside of the place.

Dilouya Featuring N’dea Davenport +Sly Johnson