Travis Barker -Yelawolf – Bun-B ***messymandella***

"The South Will Rise Again!"


Bun B


Dungeon Family

Big Hawk

Texas Allstars


Missy Elliott

The Clipse




Who ever else I left out….



Joanna Newsom***messymandella****North Star

NOW! Cherish The Day__SADE***messymandella***


As the minutes tick away, passes by each day,

I wish there was a way to keep the time at bay.
Diligently the seconds go on, Morning after dark after morn.

With each new memory born, the older ones are faded and gone.
So cherish
the melody of the reminiscences we’ve got, for,in joy and pain,were they wrought.

In the mind the memoirs may blot, Write them in the heart where they tarnish not.

Pauvel J√©tha 


What are you going to do, sit around scared of your own shadow? Are you too scared of rejection? Never underestimate yourself!Your life is happening NOW! Can you believe, that you have made it this far, even when others tried to bring you down to that gutter with them. You almost fell for it, hook line and sinker but you reached inside yourself, and became You!You know people will try to destroy you at work, at home, and in the streets. You have a blueprint to guide you through your own destination! I believe we turn off our hearts, and our intuition.
Now, look around you and breathe. Look at who tried to bring you down and laugh. They didn’t win! While you are enjoying your new lease on life,they will tomorrow, next week, and even next month still try to destroy you. Love is in all of us, and we have so much to give. Let them live in the past failures we can’t change. You better live NOW! When someone hates you its like them drinking Clorox to kill you! The hate will not poison or kill you, so who is it hurting?

Emily King-Radio BK Rehearsal***messymandella***

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The Warning Shot…Is Here!J.R. The Southerner***messymandella***


IN MY LIFE****messymandella***

“In my life there’s been heartache and pain!”
“I don’t know if I can face it again!”
Watch French Montana pay homage!

A song created by Foreigner over 20 years ago can still touch your heart.
Mariah Carey climbed the charts with her version of this song.
Any interpretation of this song can be appreciated for its authentic message…


The Dirty Projectors Cover Usher’s “Climax” ***messymandella***