LIL Wayne (HOLLYWEEZY) ***messymandella*** Daddy Gone! I Was Going Through A Separation, Because Bird Man And Young Thug Put Me Through Changes!


Classic ***messymandella*** because I ain’t hitting on shit…
 Birdman is not giving up on Lil Wayne and he shall not be moved. We know Lil Wayne loves his Sugar Daddy but when business and personal relationships conflict, eventually the money will always be the reason for the treason.
Lil Wayne had a jheri curl when he first met his “Daddy” but the look in Bird Man’s eyes let him know that he would always be the “Bottom Rapper” of their entire empire, of course with Birdman turning out so many at a time someone has to make sure that no one is robbing the Empire.

Lil Wayne has finally woken out the self induced Codeine Trip and realizes that he has been pimped. I would have told him that he was being Pimped. Birdman has a firm guiding hand on his stable. Tyga could kick rocks and Birdman wouldn’t lose any sleep at night but Lil Wayne can not move out of his life or his recording contract.

Couples and friends disagree and we must understand that no one wants to just walk away. Birdman is upset about the disrespectful tweets and concert announcements of their pending break up.

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.” was a direct quote from Lil Wayne.

Well, Lil Wayne you will have a hard time trying to “Choose Up” in comparison to “Birdman” but I am confident he will manage. So for now, end the relationship and business agreement and just do this, wait just vent. Making up is so much better.

Don’t let Young Thug come between you guys. I hate this break up has created unnecessary tension. Please make up. It, its not too late.



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Kanye West AKA Yeesus Pretended To Be Jesus And Demanded The Disabled To Walk!***messymandella***

Yep, Kanye has shown his ass for the 5011TH time.

I don’t know what happened after he made it “Through The Wire”, but I don’t like it one bit, after “Everything Falls Down.”

Kanye West and his delusional importance in literature, compared himself to “William Shakespeare” but not only did Delusional Debbie say he was going after “Shakespeare. ”

The story doesn’t end there folks, Kanye wasn’t through embarrassing himself, so the next rant he decided to tell the audience he would be better than “Walt Disney.”

“I ain’t concerned about anyone who’s living,” Kanye ranted to concertgoers. “I ain’t going after no one on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. “I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after David Stern. I’m going after Henry Ford.”

Delusional David  is at it again, and once again it will be a night concert goers will never forget. If you decide to stop a concert make sure you evaluate your request. Don’t assume they are disrespectful, they just may be disabled.

Oh, Kanye…
 As the YouTube trolls pointed out, Kaye West MAY have noticed the wheel chair at 00:35 but let us pretend he was talking to the ghost of Shakespeare, Howard Hughes, Walt Disney…
Kanye believes because he performed “Jesus Walks” that he can make people rise to his feet, if he can’t do that is it possible to make wine?

 Kanye should realize those  people could sit, stand,twerk, or even tap dance if they wanted to, and that is that.

You know why?

 They paid to watch Yeesus pretend to be Jesus and command the unwalkable  to walk.

I Would Rather Watch This, Than Watch Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Coverage…***messymandella***

 Thanks Wing


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Why Would You Put Up With Messy Folks?

              I’m not just discussing relationships! I promise, this is just life. Life is too short to worry about unnecessary mess? Believe it or not we have to share the planet with pathetic and sadly ignored adults. These homosapians spend time trying to instigate, and control every situation. I don’t let those sorry and lonely people ruin my day. In fact, you shouldn’t either!  People can only repeatedly give you mess, if you accept it in your life. Look around you .Imagine what you want in life, and live it that way! If you love that person, set boundaries. If  it is a partner, you let them cross that line, they will. You will be like any other Rihanna and Karrueche Tran that you encounter in your personal life

           Don’t let manipulative people  win! Don’t Let Them See You Sweat! They are angry,because their phone doesn’t ring or they sell ass on Facebook or Twitter, but not one is buying a thing! Live and speak, accept yourself as that queen or king.Walk with others that want to see a positive outcome. Remember, We will always have trashy people who want to take advantage of a sweet and nice person, such as yourself. The fact remains that children are not the only ones that encounter this degradation. They can learn it from their bullying parents at home. It matters what you say. I promise it matters  more, what you do! Treat people better,and don’t put up with messy folks! You will  do something that the 26 at Sandy Oak can’t do again. You can live a prosperous life. Time is too precious to waste.  I’m going to let the late Frank Sinatra tell you how I feel! 

“These wings were made to fly”

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