Lawd Jesus: Jack Thriller’s 16 or Better Cypher (Episode 5)***messymandella***

What in the Da One-Eyed Jack Hell,  is happening here?

Watch as A.R. Stylez, Pharm, Just-Ty, Lucky Tatt and Flii Boy drop their mess over a Czar Beat production.

I don’t know if this was in the form of satire, or were they in need of a Cypher Tune Up?

These are not “Hot 16′s”, these are “mild 13′s!”

I am more convinced than ever, that my 86 -Year- Old Grandma can kill a Cypher!

Just Playing!

Seriously, these MC’s were creative and I see immense talent and motivation,  and they with more practice can improve their craft.

Some of those youtube comments were unjustified, and just hateful. 

You NEVER HATE  on new talent, because their ambition could be the only thing that they are working for, to keep them from living a life of crime!

Encourage don’t discourage!

I am messing with you talented and brave men that took the time to do your thing, while others hated in the YouTube comment section.


Go Justina, you are fire!




Dead Prez + Lupe Fiasco Do Not Care For President Obama

Dead Prez Will Not Be Attending The Next Democratic Convention. 

Here is one of the controversial  Interviews from Dead Prez.

They don’t believe in our governmental system of things.

Dead Prez are Radical Anarchist,but our very intelligent.

 Sometimes we won’t agree,but you listen to reinforce your own views.

Here is Lupe arguing with the Bias, idiotic, and narcissistic, Bill O’Reilly.

We found out during this election that Hip Hop has a positive influence on politics.

Could the negative comments effect political opinion?

  Some people expect Obama to be a magician. He is not Houdini and can not fix all the potholes in our political landscape.

 Here is Dead Prez With Lupe Fiasco in “Obama Nation.” .

No one knows what you do when you step in the polling booth.

 That is your business.

 You should live and listen.  

Even if you don’t agree….At least you listened. 

I don’t agree with most of their opinions!I still listened!