A Message With Love …***messymandella*** Be Safe For Your Families


Mrs. Janelle Monae’ And Lily Allen! ***messymandella***








Check Out The Breath Taking And Beautiful Mara Hruby! ***messymandella***

“This song came to me by way of my aunt Charlene Dyer. She is one of my favorite women in my life. Right after I left my ex, I went to visit her and my uncle in Manasota Key. They both played a significant part in nursing me back to health because at that time I wasn’t eating, sleeping, or enjoying life. During the 3 weeks that I stayed there, we shared many stories, songs, ideas, and silence together. This trip is where my heart cultivated the idea of what “Archaic Rapture” would become. She told me there was a song she wrote in that 80′s that she knew would be a perfect fit for my experience and musical exploration. Once I listened, she explained that her hope for me was to move on enough to feel like I was truly set free from a relationship that wasn’t right for the long run. Needless to say, she was immensely right.“   

-Mara Hruby



Moment Of Truth Sponsored By Lil Mo***messymandella*** “Superwoman” (2001)

Classic Collaboration




Simply The Best Of The Red Carpet***messymandella***





Lucy Liu: The Flawless And Opinionated Sista + Humanitarian***messymandella***




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T-Rex VS Math Hoffa*REMATCH***messymandella***



38th Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Kat Graham)***messymandella***


Check out Kat Graham the star of “The Vampire Diaries!”

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Queen Of The Ring Babs Bunny –C-3 and PRECYSE***messymandella***

I love “Queen Of The Ring!”

Vague  Aka ” Mr. Grind Season”  and Babs Bunny AKA “First Lady Of The Streets” are part of the  Street Movement.

Yes, Babs Bunny From “Making Da Band!”

 Here is Babs Bunny with her “Beanie Freestyle!”

PRECYSE is a the one that looks like a  Charlie  Baltimore Doppelganger.

She has skills, but she annoys me with that phrase, “I said, I said” every time she spits  her bars.

C-3 is the Stud with the baggy pants, and red hat on while she spits. 

I am convinced, Precyse has more to prove because of her longevity in the game.

 She is very pretty, so her skills and looks will always compete.

Now, C-3 has realistic bars, and that sarcastic delivery.

The bars and personal jabs were on the same caliber, as any other battle.

That of course, was part of the game plan.

When PRECYSE told the crowd about c-3’s past Suicide Attempt, the crowd went silent.

That is when I realized that you should have boundaries even in a rap battle.

PRECYSE, asked “How can you talk about  killing me when you think about killing yourself ?”

C-3 admitted that she did try to take her life, at 15.

Her honesty and realistic approach in the ring, makes her a  new breed. 

C-3 now helps other children and teens can learn  to cope.

 “I Love My Life” is now heartfelt mission that travels to schools  to help other suicidal children.

“It Get’s Better!”

Keep Going Ladies!