Boom Boom Clap (Audio Motion Novel) – Fuze the Mc ***messymandella***

Boom Boom Clap

Look and listen to an audio-visual from the Genius, Fuze The MC.

Fuze The MC is an artistic underground artist that takes Hip Hop to a place that stimulates all of your senses. Fuze doesn’t have women twerking while he smacks their ass.  Some will not understand his vision and that is cool. We should remember artist Jean Michel Basquiat, had the same problem in the beginning.  Innovation takes heart and focus and it will continue to grow if you expirement with every art form. When you hear and witness this audio-visual, you will expand your mind and be in awe because you have never seen anything like this before, because this format is new to me. Innovation and ideology originates from a new breed of rappers that are looking in the way of Kanye West earlier projects. Fuze The MC has opened shows for J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar and received approval from Big Boi from Outkast, School Boy Q, Melania Fiona and countless others in the industry. Respect Fuze The MC, because he shows love to everyone. His talent and humble approach proves he wants more out of life, but respects people to reach success. Find him on Twitter @fuzethemc. 

Fuze The MC has over 34,000 views and he posted the video 6 days ago!

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