Lil Kim, What’s Wrong With Being Black? ***messymandella***self – hate turns into an obsession

You blind or something?

Oh, Dear Jesus!

My Lamb!

What in the Lambchop Hell am I looking at?Cg2MJ-lUUAIfJsU

No more pretending  that ths is not your new plastic surgery that has turned you into Imelda Marcos! If You want to look like Margaret Cho, and Kim Jung Ill , that is your business! You can wallow  in Pancake Ivory Make-Up to your last days.


We know what you looked like almost a decade ago.

They have this thing called pictures, you see?

If you don’t stop turning into a Thunder Cat or the lead kitten in the Meow Mix Commercial…

This is a travesty. I wrote those horrible comments above because I thought it was funny how bad she looked. It is however far from comical, just disturbing and embarrassing. 

LilKimBeforeAfter Everyone knows I Love Lil Kim!

It’s a contradiction of my personality.I love Empowering Women, but also love someone who talks about making money,drugs and selling her ass. I don’t think that the beautiful women of Rap are personified outside of their entourage unless they sell their sexuality.

I don’t know why she became a different shade and abandoned the beautiful little woman she was in 1996?We can speculate on how and why she bleached her skin, and chose to turn into a more lighter, Asian version of herself. I have a theory, the love of her life was the late Biggie Smalls, who was a well-known player. Biggie had 2 well-known side chicks, Charlie Baltimore and Faith Evans,Faith became his wife. They are both Biracial and Fair Skinned. That may have been the catalyst that changed Lil Kim into this other person. Maybe she felt, “Why not me?”I am not complaining about being more ethnic.I have weave and change the color of my hair every other week. I express myself through fashion, hair and music.

Lil Kim did not start making herself  lighter until Faith Evans became Big’s Wife. Why did Lil Kim think she needed to be lighter? Is it a statement that lighter is better in the African-American community? If this is the idea that little girls are given, we need to do better and live better.

I can’t think of anyway we can get pass colorism and self-love if we keep abandon the melanin in our skin, to be another standard of beauty. Who’s standard? Women are beautiful in every race and color. No certain complexion or hue is superior. She also needs better friends. There is no way your TRUE friends would let you roll with them looking so unnatural.

It is wrong to bully or criticize someone because of how they look, jealousy, or factors they can’t control. Kim and other women and men can control this disgusting bleaching trend. You were once a woman of black descent before you pulled a Sammy Sosa!


I will ALWAYS be a Lil Kim fan, but I wish she was a fan of herself!

This transition is insanely drastic!


ShaRon JoNes And The Dap- kings -If You Call***messymandella***

If You Call

Glad, you are recovering. Your in my thoughts!







Amanda Bynes:PSA -Stop Caring***messymandella***

I agree whole heartedly with this Public Service Announcement!

We are placating a ruthless fooleywang, Sista Amanda Bynes.

Yes, we are giving Amanda Bynes exactly what she wants, attention!

Amanda Bynes was a star in 1998 on Nickelodeon’s All That!

Yup, that’s about it!

If she can’t get it together, get her assistance and some Holy Water.

I laugh at 85% of everything; this is an exclusion.

This is far from humour, and more embarrassing for her.

Just capture her  and give her the therapy she needs.

Maybe if we turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear, she will STOP!

I  am not giving to pacify Amanda Bynes.

This will be her first and last post on her bamboozlement.

Amanda walking around  here like Ernest T.Bass from Andy Griffith.



Mr. Incredible by MYA

Check out Mya looking amazing.

I would cut someone for that Ivory Ring.

The Vintage look and Mahogany background bring that Sheeba Baby feeling.

Much love to Pam Grier.

Mya is rocking an afro, in a bubble bath.

I don’t think most people care what she is saying.

However, you know that if she didn’t sound worth a damn, she would not be here.

Real Talk.

Mya is  beyond talented, and an Iconic Beauty!

Check one of the best photographic  places.


, and can dance her ass off!

 Get this lady a Billboard Hit.

Wait, that  sure as hell doesn’t define the best music.

The best music, is the hits that you won’t hear Ryan Seacrest introduce,true stories.