The Rise And Fall Of O-Solo’s Battle Debut***messymandella***


If anyone ever had the treat… 

I am not going to attempt to pass that lie off as the truth.

The most uncomfortably funny and embarrassing barz that I have witnessed in a minute. 

Watching this  muckery in HD makes the day go by faster, and Swaves’s facial reactions are priceless.

O-Solo was on the stage like he was performing in  “Shakespeare In The Park.”

I have not had to  endure this much buffoonery in a minute.

You have to love when Swave Sevah ask, “Why did I do this, tell me why I did this?”

Poor “Ultimate Warrior” trying to compete with Ultimate Rap League!

O-Solo thanks for the laughs and memories. 

O-Solo Quotable:”You wanted a metaphor muthaf#ck#r? There  go a metaphor, for your ass.”


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